Lies of P Game Pass inclusion is a “thrilling opportunity” claims director

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With Neowiz Games and Round 8 Studios’ souls-like Pinocchio game, Lies of P, set to release in just over a month on PC, Xbox and PlayStation, the developers have noted their enthusiasm for partnering up with Xbox Game Pass on launch day to bring the game to the service’s subscribers.

Speaking to Windows Central, the Project Director for Lies of P, Jiwon Choi noted how great it was to have Lies of P launch on a platform with an already established huge userbase. They said, “Collaborating with Xbox has been an incredibly supportive and rewarding journey for us. Having our game launch on a platform with a massive global subscriber base is a thrilling opportunity… We understand this platform offers a tremendous reach, enabling us to engage with a wide and diverse audience of players from around the world.”

This isn’t the first time developers who have worked with Microsoft and Game Pass have sung the subscription service’s praises. Just last month Mike Rose from the publishing company No More Robots said, “Game Pass has been amazing for us, and we’ll keep bringing games to the service as long as Microsoft keeps letting us.”

However, the huge number of Game Pass subscribers doesn’t come without its fair share of worry. Choi noted that the decision to launch day one on Xbox Game Pass, “comes with a mix of excitement and nervousness.”

Fans of the upcoming souls-like will be waiting in eager anticipation for the full game to launch. Choi described the development team’s goal for the project saying, “Our goal [with Lies of P] was to create a game with a story that instantly captivated people and stayed with them long after they encountered it.” The Lies of P release date is just around the corner and is set to launch on Xbox, Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation and PC (via Steam)

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Lies of P

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