How to get Blessings in Last Epoch – all Blessings and how to get them

How to get Blessings in Last Epoch – all Blessings and how to get them
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Need to know how to get Blessings in Last Epoch? These modifiers can make a huge difference in your playthrough of Eterra, but how do you get them in your inventory to use?

There are plenty of amazing rewards you can earn by playing Last Epoch for your character. From getting tons of EXP by leveling up fast, to the multitude of Idols you can unlock and equip while playing through quests. Blessings are one of the best rewards, as the benefits they give you remain throughout the entire game. If you want to know how to get Blessings in Last Epoch, we’ve got you covered.

How to unlock Blessings in Last Epoch

Blessings can be unlocked by conquering timelines in the Monolith of Fate endgame activity. Whenever you conquer a specific timeline, you’ll be given three Blessings to choose between. Once you’ve chosen one, you can equip it to reap the benefits.

You are only able to choose one Blessing per timeline. If you conquer the timeline again, you will be able to pick from a new selection of Blessings, but it will replace your current one. You can also choose to keep your current Blessing if you want.

What are Blessings in Last Epoch?

Blessings are permanent modifiers that can increase your stats or drop rates for specific items. Some Blessings give you increased stats like elemental resistance or mana, while other Blessings increase the drop rate for specific gear, like gold or Runes.

Blessings are permanent, so as long as they are activated, they will grant you the effect, even if you aren’t playing the Monolith of Fate.

Blessings Tab

You can check what Blessings you have and which one is equiped by navigating to the Blessings Tab in your inventory. You can also check which Blessing you have from a certain timeline by hovering over a timeline on the world map.

All Blessings in Last Epoch

Here are all the Blessings you can get in Last Epoch and their effects, divided by which timeline they can be rewarded from:

Fall of the Outcasts

Pride of Rebellion30-50% grand idol drop rate55
Grand Pride of Rebellion51-80% grand idol drop rate100
Sight of the Outcasts30-50% large idol drop rate50
Grand Sight of the Outcasts51-80% large idol drop rate100
Curse of Flesh30-50% huge idol drop rate55
Grand Curse of Flesh51-80% huge idol drop rate100
Favor of Souls30-50% ornate idol drop rate55
Grand Favor of Souls51-80% ornate idol drop rate100
Mark of Agony30-50% adorned idol drop rate55
Grand Mark of Agony51-80% adorned idol drop rate100
Memory of the Living10-15% glyph drop rate55
Grand Memory of the Living16-25% glyph drop rate100
Sign of Torment10-15% rune drop rate55
Grand Sign of Torment0-15% unique item drop rate55
Winds of Fortune10-15% unique item drop rate55
Grand Winds of Fortune16-22% unique item drop rate100
Scales of Greed25-40% gold drop rate55
Grand Scales of Greed45-70% gold drop rate100
The Fall of the Outcasts timeline in Last Epoch
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Blood, Frost, and Death

Cruelty of Formosus30-60% wand drop rate75
Savior of the North30-60% sceptre drop rate75
Chill of Death30-60% two-handed staff drop rate75
Enmity of the Clans30-60% one-handed sword drop rate75
Ambition of the Empire30-60% two-handed sword drop rate75
Scars of Blood30-60% one-handed axe drop rate75
Favor of the Wengari30-60% two-handed axe drop rate75
Resolve of Frost30-60% one-handed blunt drop rate75
Shards of Unity30-60% two-handed blunt drop rate75
Remorse of Heorot30-60% two-handed polearm drop rate75
Grand Ambition of the Empire50-75% two-handed sword drop rate100
Grand Chill of Death50-75% staff drop rate100
Grand Cruelty of Formosus50-75% wand drop rate100
Grand Enmity of the Clans50-75% one-handed sword drop rate100
Grand Favor of the Wengari50-75% two-handed axe drop rate100
Grand Vigilance of the Damned50-75% bow drop rate100
Grand Remorse of Heorot50-75% two-handed polearm drop rate100
Grand Savior of the North50-75% sceptre drop rate100
Grand Resolve of Frost50-75% one-handed blunt drop rate100
Grand Scars of Blood50-75% one-handed axe drop rate100

The Black Sun

Memory of Light+30-42 health68
Grand Memory of Light+43-60 health100
Echo of Solarum+10-14% physical and void resistance68
Grand Echo of Solarum+15-25% physical and void resistance100
Shadow of the Eclipse+40-60 dodge rating68
Grand Shadow of the Eclipse+61-100 dodge rating100
Wrath of Rahyeh+30-50% fire damage68
Grand Wrath of Rahyeh+51-80% fire damage100
Whisper of Orobyss+30-50% void damage68
Grand Whisper of Orobyss+51-80% void damage100
Flames of the Black Sun+30-50% chance to ignite68
Grand Flames of the Black Sun+51-80% chance to ignite100
Hunger of the Void+1.5-3% spell damage leeched as health68
Grand Hunger of the Void+3.1-5% spell damage leeched as health100
Strength of the Mountain+10-14 health on block68
Grand Strength of the Mountain+15-22 health on block100
Winds of Oblivion+30-50% critical strike chance68
Grand Winds of Oblivion+51-80% critical strike chance100
Depths of Infinity+50-80% minion damage68
Grand Depths of Infinity+90-200% minion damage100
Greed of Darkness+10-14 health on kill68
Grand Greed of Darkness+15-22 health on kill100
Emptiness of Ash+20-26% critical strike multiplier68
Grand Emptiness of Ash+27-40% critical strike multiplier100
Thirst of the Sun+20-30% leech rate68
Grand Thirst of the Sun+35-50% leech rate100

Ending the Storm

Bastion of Divinity+10-14% elemental resistance80
Grand Bastion of Divinity+15-20% elemental resistance100
Light of the Moon+30-50 mana80
Grand Light of the Moon+50-80 mana100
Rhythm of the Tide+60-100% health regeneration80
Grand Rhythm of the Tide+120-200% health regeneration100
Chaos of Lagon+30-50% lightning damage80
Grand Chaos of Lagon+51-80% lightning damage100
Might of the Sea Titan+30-50% cold damage80
Grand Might of the Sea Titan+51-80% cold damage100
Resonance of the Sea+10-19 ward per second80
Grand Resonance of the Sea+20-30 ward per second100
Chill of the Deep+20-32% chance to chill80
Grand Chill of the Deep+33-50% chance to chill100
Cruelty of the Meruna+30-60% chance to shock80
Grand Cruelty of the Meruna+65-100% chance to shock100

Fall of the Empire

Despair of the Empire+25-40% helmet shard drop rate90
Safety of the Labyrinth+25-40% body armor shard drop rate90
Remnants of the Living+30-50% wand shard drop rate90
Visions of Death+30-50% two-handed polearm shard drop rate90
Grand Visions of Death+40-60% two-handed polearm shard drop rate100
Inevitability of the Void+30-50% staff shard drop rate90
Rot of the World+30-50% belt shard drop rate90

The Stolen Lance

Arrogance of Argentus+15-30% helmet drop rate62
Embrace of Ice+15-30% body armor drop rate62
Grip of the Lance+20-40% gloves drop rate62
Right of Conquest+20-40% boots drop rate62
Reach of Flame+20-40% off-hand catalyst drop rate62
Binds of Sanctuary+20-40% shield drop rate62
Talon of Grandeur+20-40% ring drop rate62
Vision of the Aurora+20-40% amulet drop rate62
Might of the Siege+20-40% belt drop rate62
Grand Arrogance of Argentus+22-40% helmet drop rate100
Grand Embrace of Ice+22-40% body armor drop rate100
Grand Grip of the Lance+35-60% gloves drop rate100
Grand Right of Conquest+35-60% boots drop rate100
Grand Reach of Flame+35-60% catalyst drop rate100
Grand Binds of Sanctuary+35-60% shield drop rate100
Grand Vision of the Aurora+35-60% amulet drop rate100
Grand Might of the Siege+35-60% belt drop rate100

As you can see, each Blessing requires a level to unlock it. If you aren’t at the required level, you won’t be able to receive the Blessing.

That’s everything you need to know about Blessings and how to get them in Last Epoch. Be sure to check out our alternate leveling path if you feel like reaching level 100 differently, and check out our full crafting guide so you can make the best items in the forge.

Last Epoch Blessings FAQs

What are Blessings in Last Epoch?

Blessings are permanent modifiers that either increase certain stats, or increase the drop rate of certain items. You can get them from conquering timelines in the Monolith of Fate.

How many Blessings can you get?

You are able to get one Blessing per timeline. You’ll be presented with three after conquering the timeline, and then you can choose one of those.