How to turn off jumpscares in MW2 and Warzone

How to turn off jumpscares in MW2 and Warzone
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We have nothing against you for wanting to turn off jump scares in MW2. As part of the Haunting event, a limited-time jump scare feature has been introduced in MW2, one that’s guaranteed to scare players across different modes. 

If you’d rather enjoy the game without these startling jumpscares, there is an option that you can try disabling it before going into matches. So that’s what we’ll be helping you out with today. But before we dive into the process, we suggest checking out The Haunting rewards and how to get them. You should also go over our MW3 Campaign early access to play the much-awaited campaign early.

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How to turn off jumpscares in MW2

You can turn off jumpscares in MW2 by going to the game’s Battle Pass tab menu where you’ll get a prompt about The Haunting Event. When you get this prompt, simply select ‘No Tricks, Just Treats: Turn Them Off’ as seen in the image below. 

However, despite choosing not to get jumpscares from this prompt, some players still get jumpscares while playing. So while there’s no official fix for this, we hope that Activision will address this problem in an update soon. And we’ll keep this guide updated with a fix whenever an update is available within the game. 

A screen shot capturing the haunting in MW2 and Warzone.

For now, we suggest steering clear of Al Mazrah and Vondead since both these maps appear to be the locations where jumpscares remain active. With that said, it’s worth adding that The Haunting event will be filled with spooky creatures as well as dark-themed map changes throughout. 

There are also limited challenges that you can take on and get good at capturing souls in MW2. And if you’re already looking ahead to the full launch of MW3, we suggest getting the Soul Harvester weapon blueprint and batte hordes of the undead in style. Also if you’re playing MW3 on PC, best go over our MW3 system requirements to make sure your PC is up to the task.