Fastest ways to capture souls in MW2 and Warzone

Fastest ways to capture souls in MW2 and Warzone
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So you want to know how to capture souls in MW2? We’ve got you covered. The Haunting event has returned in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare 2, allowing players to gather Captured Souls and earn complimentary rewards through the temporary Soul Capture event. 

If you don’t know what the Soul Capture event is all about, it’s described as an, “Enhanced and fear-inducing” version of the game’s Trophy Hunt event where you can trade Captured Souls and get rewards. Being part of this year’s Halloween event, let’s show you how to capture these souls. And before we get right in, you should see The Haunting event rewards

Regent captured souls screenshot from the MW2 Haunting event.

Fastest ways to capture souls in MW2

The best way to capture souls in MW2 and Warzone is simply to get in there and dominate as many matches as you can. This is because the number of souls you can get in each match varies based on the game mode. For example, in Search and Destroy you have the potential to acquire up to 15 souls per match. 

However, this mode tends to have a slower pace compared to Kill Confirmed, where you can earn 12 souls per match. So to accumulate souls rapidly, one of you’ll have to engage in multiplayer matches on smaller maps. You can join the Shipment 24/7 playlist as well, which allows you to gain 12 souls per match.

Alternate ways to capture souls in MW2

If you’re looking to collect souls in Warzone, we suggest opting for a respawn mode such as quads or trios within the Resurgence playlist. The most advantageous choice seems to be Massive Resurgence Quads, where you can earn a substantial 20 souls per match. Also, the time it takes might be slightly longer than playing on Shipment, depending on your playstyle. 


Currently, the MW2 multiplayer features various Halloween-themed Haunting modes, such as Haunting Domination, where scarecrows replace the flags, and Haunting Kill Confirmed, replacing dog tags with skulls. However, it’s important to note that you can still acquire Souls in regular game modes. 

When playing Domination on small maps like Shipment, you have the most efficient means to collect Captured Souls, as there’s no kill limit and that way it’s easier to monitor enemy spawn points. So that’s how to gather Souls in MW2 and once you’ve captured them, simply pick it up and add them to your collection. 

With that said, you might be interested in getting the new Lilith operator skin in MW2 or even grabbing the Soul Harvester weapon blueprint ahead of the full launch of MW3. And if you’re keen on getting your hands on MW3, here’s the campaign early access start times and download size.