MW2 and Warzone The Haunting 2023 rewards

MW2 and Warzone The Haunting 2023 rewards
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Looking for The Haunting rewards in MW2 and Warzone? You’ve come to the right place! The Season 6 Reloaded Update for Modern Warfare 2 is known as The Haunting and is set to launch soon. The event will bring a bunch of new operators that players can purchase and use. 

You can also look forward to receiving free daily login rewards and blueprints once the MW2 Haunting Event start date and time kicks off, as confirmed by Activision. While you go over these rewards, you’d be surprised to see that some players are canceling their MW3 pre-orders. So without wasting any more time, here are the rewards you can expect to get in The Haunting Event.

The Haunting 2023 login rewards

  • Day 1 – Pumpkin charm
  • Day 2 – Halloween Emblem
  • Day 3 – Double Weapon XP Token
  • Day 4 – Zombie Sticker
  • Day 5 – Halloween Calling card
  • Day 6 – Dog Sticker
  • Day 7 – Halloween Loading Screen
  • Day 8 – Double Battle Xp Token
  • Day 9 – Witch Sticker
  • Day 10 – Nightmare Sweats Weapon Blueprint

You can claim these rewards by logging into the game every day throughout the first 10 days of the event. So once you login, an automatic Daily Login Reward menu will popup, allowing you to redeem the particular login reward of the day.

A screenshot of the hunter's daily login rewards during the MW2 Haunting event.
A screenshot of the hunter’s daily login rewards during the MW2 Haunting event.

Prior to the event, Activision confirmed that you should expect to, “Receive a variety of free, limited-time cosmetic items simply by logging into the game as The Haunting progresses.” Keep in mind, though, that these prizes are only available on the first 10 days of The Haunting Event, so you’ll need to log in every day to claim yours.

The Soul Capture event in MW2

Regent captured souls screenshot from the MW2 Haunting event.

You can also unlock other rewards with SOULS you’ve captured throughout the event. These rewards include:

  • Double Weapon XP
  • Gun Charm Vehicle
  • Skin Weapon Blueprint
  • Sticker
  • Calling Card

There will be many other rewards to unlock along the way as you progress. You’ll need to keep the Souls safe from the eliminated players and try to collect as many as you can in each match. These Souls are saved in your account and work like in-game money to get special event prizes. By getting more kills, you can collect lots of Souls and use them to get all the rewards.

The MW2 Haunting event will bring map updates to two multiplayer maps, Al Mazrah and Vondel. Similar to the Trophy Hunt event in Season 3, there will be a Soul Capture event, giving players the opportunity to trade captured souls for a range of cosmetic rewards.

For now, be sure to go over the list of Diablo operators in MW2 as well as the weapon list in Season 6 so you can put yourself in a good position once Season 6 Reloaded kicks off.