How To Sprint in Fortnite

How To Sprint in Fortnite
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While there’s no golden rule to succeed in Fortnite, the first thing you should learn is movement. The faster and more fluid you learn to move, the more advantages you’ll have over other players. There are many small details under mobility, but the easiest to learn is running. So let’s ask the obvious question: How to sprint in Fortnite?

As you know, Fortnite Zero Build mode has been around for a while. That is, you don’t have the option to build, which is the characteristic feature of the game. So if you can’t build yourself five-story buildings in seconds, what should you do instead? You should aim better, improve your sense of positioning, make better use of the map and items, and of course, improve your mobility.

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You may already know sprinting from other Battle Royale games like Warzone 2 and Apex Legends. The running mechanics are pretty much the same here as well. You’ve to decide when and how often to use it, otherwise you’ll run out of breath.

How To Sprint In Fortnite

How To Sprint On PC

Since you can play Fortnite on almost all platforms, navigating the key settings can be quite complicated. However, players who play the game on PC, Playstation or Xbox can sprint easily. This is because the sprint button is very standard.

To sprint in Fortnite, you need to hold down the “Left Shift” button on PC. When you start running, a stamina bar will also appear above the health and armor bar. If you sprint until this bar runs out, you’ll be out of breath and will have to wait a while for it to fill up again.

How To Sprint On PlayStation & Xbox

On Playstation, you can press the left analog button to run in Fortnite. On Xbox, the sprint button is the same. If you press this button twice on both platforms, you can activate the auto run.

The sprint button is the same when you ride the wild animals scattered around the map in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4. This time, the stamina doesn’t apply to your character, but to your animal. If you sprint without stopping and the bar runs out, the animal will drop you. But don’t worry, you can ride again after a while.

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How To Tactical Sprint In Fortnite

If you’re a new player or have returned to Fortnite after a break, you may have heard players talk about something called “tactical sprint“. Since you’ve read so far in this article, chances are you’ve already read a few sentences about it on other sites.

What’s called “tactical sprint” in Fortnite doesn’t mean a specific combination like in other games. It’s also not a reference to Warzone players moving faster by “slide-canceling”. This expression is actually the same as the normal running we described above. Since it was added to the game later, this is how the community describes it.

That’s all we shared about how to sprint in Fortnite for now.  In an environment where everyone has the same stamina, deciding when you run can have a decisive advantage. Don’t forget to run a lot, especially during combat, to run away, replenish your shield and re-enter the fights.

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