How To Restore Honor in MW2

How To Restore Honor in MW2
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The second season of MW2 has introduced a number of new features to both its well-known multiplayer and battle royale mode. One of the most popular inclusions with the latest chapter, however, is the return of the fast-paced Resurgence Mode.

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With action-packed battles happening all around the Ashika Island map in quick succession, eventually getting caught in the crossfire is unavoidable. Although dying from these skirmishes is not an outcome that any player wishes for, the new Restore Honor feature now makes being downed a little more bearable. The question is how exactly can you Restore Honor in MW2? Here’s what we know.

How Do You Restore Honor in MW2 Resurgence?

You can Restore Honor by picking up the dog tag that spawned after either you or your teammate was downed. Successfully picking up these dog tags will grant you a small cash reward and a single UAV ping of the surrounding area that marks both enemies and nearby Supply Boxes.

If you were somehow able to pick up either you or your teammates’ dog tag after being downed, you will be given an even greater prize of $1000, a 50-meter loot ping, and a normal 300-meter UAV ping. It’s worth noting though, that the cash prize is only awarded once per match, but both the UAV and loot pings are provided each time a dog tag is picked up.

Since Restoring Honor is part of the Path of the Ronin Event, you’ll want to immediately attempt this once you drop into a Resurgence lobby. This is due to the dog tags only dropping once per match and because respawns are disabled after the fourth circle. Alternatively, you can also attempt to finish the specific challenge by scoring 100 defense kills instead, but it seems like collecting five dog tag is much easier.

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