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The Explore tasks at various landmarks and POIs in Once Human is a key part of your questing. You’ll need to do them for XP, blueprint unlocks and map completion. One of the first areas you’ll get to complete is Throughville, a level 2 town that’s easy to clear. Since the area is fairly large, here’s a closer look at where to find the Throughville crates in Once Human. 

Explore Throughville crates: a picture of coinstruction site roof with several crates that players can loot.
Climb the under-construction building to the northeast of Througville to find two of the crates you need. Image via VideoGamer.

Explore Througville Crate locations

Below is a table that will help you find the locations of the Crates to complete the Explore Throughville quest in Once Human.

Mystical CrateLocated on the roof of a building in the northeast corner of Throughville.
Weapon and Gear Crate 1Located on the roof of a building in the northeast corner of Throughville. It is directly next to the Mystical Crate location.
Weapon and Gear Crate 2Walk along the main road in the middle of Throughville, You’ll find an armour chest next to the white sandbags.
Weapon Gear Crate 3On the roof of the large under-construction house to the southeast side of Throughville.
Weapon Gear Crate 4To the west of Throughville is a dirt road. There’s a small compound to the south side of it. You’ll find a weapon crate on the second floor of that area.

When you get to Throughville, run straight up the main road. You’ll come across the white sandbag area outside of a big house under construction. Loot the box and you’ll get the armour crate. If you kill the smart casual-looking zombie creature, then it also drops the Bunker Access Card for another side quest later on.  From there, go to the house directly in front of it, and climb to the rooftop. You’ll find the Mystical Crate and the Weapon Crate you need to complete the Explore Throughville mission.

The only thing left to do is access the Rift Anchor, which is marked on the map with the phone icon. You cna also grab the other weapon crate suggestions for bonus materials too if you want to, though it is not necessary for the quest at this point.

Note that we have not mentioned the locations of the various storage containers you can find. There’s typically one in every building in Throughville. Some will be outside, some around props, others on the roof, others on furniture and other such facets of a construction site. You also don’t need them for the Explore Throughville quest either.

With that said, you’ll have completed the area and done the quest. Good luck exploring the other areas and finding other crates at other POIS to come.

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