How To Equip Perks In MLB The Show 23

How To Equip Perks In MLB The Show 23
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Perks are a useful tool in giving your ballplayer a nice boost in MLB The Show 23. They don’t offer Earth-shattering changes most of the time, but every little bit helps in your Road to the Show.

With the addition of equipping new perks that you just unlocked, you can find the next area to take advantage of in your upcoming games.

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Here is how to unlock and equip perks in MLB The Show 23.

How to unlock and equip perks in MLB The Show 23

Unlocking and equipping perks to your ballplayer in MLB The Show 23 is a simple process. First, obtaining the perks is mostly done through opening packs you receive for completing various objectives. Like player and equipment packs, there are perk packs that will let you choose from a selection of perks.

Additionally, you can go onto the Community Marketplace and purchase specific perks if you have the Stubs for them.

After you have gained some perks, you can equip then at any time while outside of a game. Click your profile icon in the top left corner of the screen and you will be taken to the My Ballplayer tab. Scroll down and you will find various subsections for managing your player.

In the Playstyle section, first look at your Skill Set. This is essentially your main focus as a player like being a slugger or speedy player. Below that, you can find your perks to equip. While you can only equip two perks at first, once you start getting higher quality Skill Sets you can put on up to four at a time.

Be sure to consistently look through your perks to keep your ballplayer ar the top of their game. Combine this with their equipment bonuses to see an instant increase in production on the field.