Best Controller Settings In MLB The Show 23

Best Controller Settings In MLB The Show 23
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Taking control of the game in MLB The Show 23 will require you to have full control of your players. No matter if you are hitting, pitching, or fielding, you need to get the most out of your quick decisions.

When going through your settings, you might get a little lost trying to find what best works for you. With that in mind, you’ve come to the right place for guidance.

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Here are the best controller settings for MLB The Show 23. Be sure to play around with them to find what feels best to you.

Best Offense Control settings in MLB The Show 23

  • Baserunning Interface – Analog Select
  • Swing Input – Buttons
  • Hitting Interface – Zone
  • PCI Anchor – Off
  • Plate Coverage Indicator – On
  • PCI Center – Circles
  • PCI Inner – None
  • PCI Outer – None
  • PCI Color – Yellow (or whatever helps you see best)
  • PCI Transparency – 70%
  • PCI Fadeout – None
  • Guess Pitch – Off
  • Vibration – Off

Best Defense Control settings in MLB The Show 23

  • Pitching Interface – Meter
  • Pitching Ball Marker – Pitch Trail Fade
  • Throwing Interface – Button Accuracy
  • Accuracy Chevrons – On
  • Throw Cancelling – On
  • Catch Position Indicator – Drifting Ball
  • Dive/Jump – Two Button

Best Player Lock Control settings in MLB The Show 23

  • Player Lock Throwing Interface – Showtime
  • Player Lock Throw Mapping – Standard
  • Player Lock Baserunning Interface – Analog
  • Player Lock Infield Reaction – Assist

Best Camera settings in MLB The Show 23

  • Hitting View – Catcher (some prefer Strike Zone)
  • Pitching View – Broadcast
  • In-Play View Offense – Medium
  • In-Play View Defense – Medium
  • Vertical Camera Movement – Standard
  • Horizontal Camera Movement – Standard

Like noted above, these are our personal recommendation for controller settings. Be sure to play around with them and find something that feels best for you. You want something that you feel comfortable with but can still see everything that is happening at all times.