Is MLB The Show 23 Good For Beginners?

Is MLB The Show 23 Good For Beginners?
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If you are a baseball fan, MLB The Show 23 is your annual stop for getting control of your favorite major leaguers.

While plenty of longtime players know what they are getting into, what about the ones who are playing for the first time?

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Here is our recommendation on whether you should try MLB The Show 23 if you are a beginner.

Is MLB The Show 23 good for newcomers?

If you are new to the currently exclusive games holding the rights to your favorite baseball teams, MLB The Show 23 is a fine way to get going. While we would say that there is quite a steep learning curve, the area where the game truly excels for newcomers is its difficulty settings.

If you have never played a baseball video game before, we highly recommend playing under the Casual or Simulation modes. If you are truly trying to learn the basics, go with Casual. You will have more assistance from the AI while playing. If you have played a baseball video game before, go with Simulation for a more immersive experience.

After you have your mode, you can select the difficulty for when you play. Of course, you could always start with Beginner and adjust when needed, but we are big fans of the Dynamic difficulty. With this, the game will automatically tune your batting and pitching difficulty based on your performance against the CPU opponent. If you are blowing teams out, the game will make the experience a little tougher while pulling back the reigns when you struggle.

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Is MLB The Show 23 worth buying?

If you are a baseball fan, we highly recommend playing MLB The Show 23 to get your fix. The game has a classic Franchise mode that allows you to manage your team throughout the year, you can create your own big leaguer, and the Diamond Dynasty mode is always a popular choice for a large section of the community.

If you are an Xbox owner, you can even save yourself a good chunk of change if you are a Game Pass subscriber, as MLB The Show 23 is available as part of the Game Pass library at launch.