MLB The Show 23 RTTS: How to change ballplayer loadout

MLB The Show 23 RTTS: How to change ballplayer loadout
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When you start out your Road to the Show with a new ballplayer in MLB The Show 23, you will have a pretty basic player. Everyone has to start somewhere, and an empty loadout won’t necessarily make them stand out.

With that being said, after spending some time in the game, you will start getting quite a collection of gear and perks that will further help your player perform in the field and, in turn, increase their base attributes.

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Here is how to change your player’s loadout for Road to the Show in MLB The Show 23.

How to change your Playstyle for Road to the Show in MLB The Show 23

Changing your player loadout, or Playstyle as it is now called, in MLB The Show 23 is pretty easy. It can be done either in Road to the Show or on the main menu. On the main menu, click your profile icon in the top left corner of the screen. You will be on a tab that says My Ballplayer. Scroll down and you will be taken to an overview page. Scroll down to Playstyle.

Under Skill Set, you can see your available skill sets. While you will have your main skill focus here from when you created your player, each badge will give a slight boost in a secondary area.

Under the Perks section, you will be able to apply two perks at the beginning to give even more of a slight boost. After unlocking higher rarity perks, you can equip up to four at a time.

Equipment is where you can start putting on the gear cards you have unlocked from playing various parts of the game. Every gear piece will boost your skills in specific areas of the game, so be sure to look through each area to find the best match for you.

After you have a Playstyle set, you can choose which one to use when you go to start your next scheduled game. You can have multiple items that have various perks and equipment on so you can do a little bit of mix and matching.