How long is Hogwarts Legacy?

How long is Hogwarts Legacy? Staff Updated on by

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Now Hogwarts Legacy is out in the wild, players are taking their first steps into the Wizarding World RPG and already eating into the game’s story.

With the entirety of Hogwarts to explore, and plenty of other locations too, players are chasing down every corner of the game and hunting down secrets as if they were after the elusive Golden Snitch.

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But just what is the total playtime of Hogwarts Legacy? Stick around, as we’re about to discuss just that!

How long does it take to beat Hogwarts Legacy?

Based on our time with the game, Hogwarts Legacy will take around 30 hours to finish the main story. Meanwhile, going through all the side quests and unlocking every achievement will take around 60-70 hours of playtime.

Of course, the time could vary based on how good you are at the game, as oftentimes, you will have to defeat a powerful creature to be able to complete a quest or hunt down an objective.

Naturally, you could expedite the process a little if you wanted by checking out our guides. For example, here’s our list of all the Brooms you can get in the game.  

Nevertheless, it’s fair to say that the magical title is action-packed with beautiful sceneries to explore and interactions to be made in each hour of its playtime.

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How many quests are in Hogwarts Legacy?

With a 70-hour playtime, Hogwarts Legacy boasts more than 100 side quests for players to dive into. Luckily, the players can complete these side quests in any order they want, with each quest forcing you to explore different parts of the map and delve deeper into the magical realm. 

That said, keep in mind that all these side quests will have an impact on your storyline. So, while it may be fun and sometimes fairly challenging to complete these quests, you’ll definitely be impacting how your game progresses.

Hogwarts Legacy will provide the community with a sufficient amount of playtime in the game to keep them happy. For players looking for 100% completion of the game, this time will be doubled, and they will be able to embark on numerous side quests to gain new items and experience. Nevertheless, we can’t wait to explore the iconic grounds of Hogwarts once again!

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