Honkai Star Rail – all Ministry of Education quiz answers

Honkai Star Rail – all Ministry of Education quiz answers
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In Honkai Star Rail, all Ministry of Education quiz answers are part of a daily mission quest line. This ongoing quest, called On the Doorsteps of Science, throws a different challenging question at you each day you get the daily quest, and being able to answer the question is key.

Due to the nature of this quest, the questions and answers are likely to be updated as the game gets older. At the moment, we’ve compiled a list of all the correct Ministry of Education quiz answers we know. As it stands, there are nine questions in total.

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Honkai Star Rail – What is the Ministry of Education quiz?

Each day in Honkai Star Rail you will get assigned a Daily Quest in your Mission log. This is chosen from a pool of quests the game generates and completing it will give you points towards your Daily Training, letting you claim up to 60 Stellar Jades for free each day.

A group of people standing in front of a room in Honkai Star Rail

On the Doorsteps of Science is the quest associated with the Ministry of Education in Belobog. It begins in the Goethe Hotel with Regin, and you must talk to the Ministry of Education Officer standing outside of Serval’s workshop, next to Manya, in the Administration District. Each time you get this quest, you will be faced with a new question. When you’ve answered all of them, the questions will reset back to the first one.

Honkai Star Rail – Ministry of Education quiz answers

As mentioned, there are nine questions in total at the time of patch 1.4. To make things easy to understand, we’ve compiled this table to show you the answer to each question in the quiz. If you get one wrong, the quiz will continue to the next question in the order the next time you get the daily quest.

Kafka stands in front of the Manya in Belobog in Honkai star Rail

You can find the Ministry of Education Officer standing next to Manya when you have the quest. If you don’t know which part of the question you’re on, you will be able to view which stage you’re at if you look at the title of the quiz, it will say Part one, Part two, and so on.

IntroWhich are there more of: prime numbers or natural numbers?The same.
1How many cars had their wheels stolen?Fourteen
2What is the sum of First Snow, Summershade Bamboo, Ball Peony, and Sunflower added together?162
3Who was the thief that stole the Limesteins’ wheels?Eric
4Howard, Philip, and Joyce: Who is the liar?Philip
5What is 8848 equal to?Six
6Who is able to know the exact color of the paper flower on their own head?Julian
7Which gate should Tall, Blue, and Handsome open to get to the treasure?Open the gold gate
8On what day will these algae occupy half of the reservoir?Day twenty-nine

With all these answers given correctly, you will complete this long quest chain. As mentioned earlier, the quest will recycle eventually and you will have to answer the same questions again if you happen to get this as your Daily Quest.

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