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GTA 5 Cheats Guide – complete list of Xbox One cheats

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Grand Theft Auto 5 may have been out for a few years but there’s still no shame in wanting a helping hand every now and then. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve created this guide to share a comprehensive list of GTA 5 cheats for Xbox One with you.

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There are cheat codes here for everyone to have fun with, from spawning new vehicles and making yourself invincible to brandishing flaming bullets.  To make things nice and easy, Rockstar’s GTA V’s Xbox One cheats have been listed here for you in one handy guide.

Take a look below for even more ways to create havoc on the streets of Los Santos.

Xbox One GTA 5 Cheats

Spawn Vehicles

Do you want to mix it up a little and grab yourself a super cool ride to cruise around in? Or maybe you’re looking for a vehicle to entertain your off-road adventures?

  • Spawn Buzzard: B B LB B B B LB LT RB Y B Y
  • Spawn Comet: RB B RT Right LB LT A A X RB
  • Spawn Sanchez: B A LB B B LB B RB RT LT LB LB
  • Spawn Trashmaster: B RB B RB Left Left RB LB B Right
  • Spawn Limo: RT Right LT Left Left RB LB B Right
  • Spawn Stunt Plane: B Right LB LT Left RB LB LB Left Left A Y
  • Spawn Caddy: B LB Left RB LT A RB LB B A
  • Spawn Rapid GT: RT LB B Right LB RB Right Left B RT
  • Spawn Duster: Right Left RB RB RB Left Y Y A B LB LB
  • Spawn BMX: Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, X, B, Y, RB, RT
  • Spawn PCJ: RB Right Left Right RT Left Right X Right LT LB LB

Extra Items

In this section, you’ll find a number of fantastic cheat codes to add more cool items to your collection. Wanna beef up your ammo? No problem.

Lock in the flame round cheat and get your trigger finger ready. Or maybe you feel the need to skydive off the top of a building? Why not. With the parachute cheat, there’s no harm done.

  • Give Parachute: Left Right LB LT RB RT RT Left Left Right LB
  • Give Weapons: Y RT Left LB A Right Y Down X LB LB LB
  • Flame/Incendiary Rounds: LB, RB, X, RB, Left, RT, RB, Left, X, Right, LB, LB

Enhance Player Ability

Many of the most used GTA 5 cheat codes relate to enhancing the player’s special abilities, and that’s what you’ll find in this section. Finding gameplay a little too fast?

Enable the slow-motion aim cheat to give you an advantage. Pair that with the explosive bullets cheat, and there will be no stopping you.

  • Raise Wanted Level: RB RB B RT Left Right Left Right Left Right
  • Lower Wanted Level: RB RB B RT Right Left Right Left Right Left
  • Explosive Melee Attacks/Hothands: Right Left A Y RB B B B LT
  • Drunk Mode: Y Right Right Left Right X B Left
  • Fast Run/Catchme: Y Left Right Right LT LB X
  • Fast Swim: Left Left LB Right Right RT Left LT Right
  • Slow Mo Aim: X LT RB Y Left X LT Right A (enter up to 4 times to increase the effect, fifth time disables)
  • Ability Recharge: A A X RB LB A Right Left A
  • Bang Bang: Right X A Left RB RT Left Right Right LB LB LB (guns shoot explosions)
  • Invincibility: Right A Right Left Right RB Right Left A Y
  • Max Health & Armour: B LB Y RT A X B Right X LB LB LB

World Alterations

As well as changing your player and their abilities in GTA 5, you can also manipulate the world around you.

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as an astronaut, switch on the Moon Gravity cheat and replicate what it would be like to walk and drive on the moon. How cool is that?

  • Change Weather: RT A LB LB LT LT LT X
  • Slidey Cars: Y RB RB Left RB LB RT LB
  • Slow Mo: Y Left Right Right X RT RB (enter up to 4 times to increase the effect, fifth time disables)
  • Skyfall (Spawn in the sky): LB LT RB RT Left Right Left Right LB LT RB RT Left Right Left Right
  • Moon Gravity/Flaotars: Left Left LB RB LB Right Left LB Left
  • Super Jump/Hoptoit: Left Left Y Y Right Right Left Right X RB RT

How to activate cheats on GTA 5 for Xbox One

Once you’ve decided what cheats you want to use, the next thing to do is activate them. There are two ways to activate GTA 5 cheat codes on the Xbox One – via the gamepad or using a cell phone.

Button cheats

Like the old classic GTA games, cheats can be activated quite easily via the gamepad. Follow these instructions, and away you go:

  1. Enter your single-player campaign
  2. Make sure to save your game once in as entering any cheat codes automatically disables GTA 5 achievements. But don’t worry, this isn’t permanent. Just restart the game, and this is enabled again for you.
  3. Use the D-pad to enter the commands for the cheat you want to use. This does need to be done quite quickly to work. If successful, you’ll get a small confirmation appearing above the map.

Cell phone cheats 

If you’d rather use your phone to input your cheat codes, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open your phone menu and get to your dial pad.
  2. Enter the cheat code and press dial.
  3. Provided the number was entered correctly, you’ll receive a confirmation message advising the cheat is now active.

We hope you make the most of these GTA 5 Cheats for Xbox One. In just a few extra clicks, you can enhance your gameplay immensely.

GTA 5 Cheat FAQs

  • Which are the most used GTA 5 cheats for Xbox One? 

This varies from person to person, as everyone wants something different from the game experience. That being said, some power-up cheats are still used more than others, especially when improving your health within the game. So, grab yourself a painkiller, max out your armor, and conquer GTA 5.

  • Does GTA 5 on Xbox One have a money cheat? 

Unfortunately not. While there are many awesome cheats available for GTA 5 on Xbox One, there is no cheat code for bagging yourself unlimited money or any money for that matter.

  • Do I need to download anything to use the cheats? 

Absolutely not. All the cheats for GTA 5 on Xbox One can be found here and activated using one of the methods mentioned previously. Nothing to buy, nothing to download. Just save or print the page, and you’ll have easy access to all the best cheat codes 24/7.

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