GTA Online – All phone numbers to call for interactions and tasks

GTA Online – All phone numbers to call for interactions and tasks
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Want to learn all the phone numbers to call in GTA Online

In a game whose cast of characters interact with you even outside its story, learning to use your phone can make a big difference. That’s why we’ve compiled a handy list of phone numbers in GTA Online. 

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All phone numbers to call in GTA Online

Read on for a handy list of all the numbers you can call in GTA Online:

  • Abigail Mathers: 346-555-0126
  • Amanda De Santa: 346-555-0118
  • Barry: 346-555-0105
  • Beverly Felton: 328-555-0139
  • Brucie Kibbutz: 273-555-0185
  • Cletus: 346-555-0174
  • Dave Norton: 273-555-0132
  • Devin Weston: 328-555-0182
  • Dr. Isiah Friedlander: 346-555-0134
  • Jimmy De Santa: 346-555-0148 and 273-555-0143
  • Joe: 611-555-0128
  • Lamar Davis: 346-555-0141
  • Liz: 611-555-0126
  • Martin Madrazo: 346-555-0188
  • Maude Eccles: 328-555-0185
  • Nigel: 346-555-0111
  • Omega: 346-555-0162
  • Ron Jakowski: 328-555-0198
  • Solomon Richards: 328-555-0123
  • Steve Haines: 328-555-0150
  • Stretch (Harold Joseph): 346-555-0122
  • Tanisha Jackson: 328-555-0180
  • Tonya: 611-555-0199
  • Tracey De Santa: 273-555-0168 and 273-555-0197
  • First Lieutenant Kyle P. Slater: 328-555-0154
  • Merryweather: 273-555-0120
  • Oscar Guzman: 273-555-0125
  • The Truthseeker Helpline (Ronald Jakowski): 273-555-0155

You’ll recognize some of these names if you’ve already cleared GTA 5’s engrossing campaign. While some of them take you straight to answering machines, others are more interactive. Characters like Lamar can be spoken to with the help of dialogue choices. You can even call in favors for a small fee. Others like Merryweather Security Consulting can offer other options to players. 

Story characters can be called in GTA Online too

While you can call some well-known characters in GTA Online, don’t expect them to react as though they know your custom character.

How to dial phone numbers in GTA Online

Here’s a handy list of steps to dial phone numbers and call in GTA Online:

  • Bring up your phone by pressing up on the D-pad on a controller or the Up arrow key/middle mouse button on PC.
  • Here, head to the Contacts app.
  • Press X on your controller or the space bar on PC to bring up the number pad.
  • While these can be used for cheats, you can also dial up characters in the game.

That covers all the phone numbers you need to know in the game. Read up on how to find the Gooch in GTA Online for a rare outfit. And here’s a trick to speedrun the wildlife photography challenge in GTA Online. GTA Online still enjoys a massive player base on PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

GTA Online phone numbers FAQ

Can you use cell phone cheats in GTA Online?

No, you cannot use cheat codes in GTA Online.

Can you call GTA 5 characters in GTA Online?

Yes, some characters like Tracey and Amanda can be called in GTA Online.