GTA Online Wildlife Photography Locations – How to photograph animals

GTA Online Wildlife Photography Locations – How to photograph animals
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Are you wondering where the GTA Online Wildlife Photography locations are? How do you photograph these wild animals in Los Santos? This new daily challenge is now available in GTA Online. To complete it, you must track down animals and photograph them. While it sounds simple, it can prove to be rather difficult.

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To complete this daily challenge, you will need to do a lot of searching. Luckily, we have already found these animal locations for you. Here are all the Wildlife Photography locations in GTA Online.

How to start the Wildlife Photography challenge in GTA Online

To start the Wildlife Photography challenge, you must visit the LS Tourist Board on the upper west side of the map. You can find this location by following the road that runs up the western side of the map.

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The LS Tourist Board is marked by a camera symbol making it easy to spot. Once you reach this location, interact with the Tourist Board and you will be given three animals to track down. Today, we received the Deer, Mountain Lion, and Great Cormorant.

GTA Online – All LS Tourist Board animal locations

There are 20 different animals that you can find hidden around the GTA Online map. Let’s break down where each of these animals is located:

Explore the diverse wildlife photography locations scattered across the vast map of GTA San Andreas.
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  1. Boar – Grand Senora Desert
  2. Border Collie – Vespucci Canals/Prosperity St.
  3. Cat – West Vinewood
  4. Chicken-Hawk – Grand Senora Desert
  5. Cormorant – Grand Senora Desert
  6. Cow – Grand Senora Desert
  7. Coyote – Grand Senora Desert
  8. Crow – Grand Senora Desert
  9. Deer – Mount Chiliad/Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness
  10. Hen – Paleto Bay
  11. Husky – Richman
  12. Mountain Lion – Tongva Hills/Banham Canyon
  13. Pig – Great Chaparral
  14. Poodle – Morningwood/Richman
  15. Pug – Morningwood/Richman
  16. Rabbit – Vinewood Hills
  17. Retriever – Morningwood
  18. Rottweiler – Vinewood Hills
  19. Seagull – Del Perro Beach
  20. West Highland Terrier – Richman

When it comes to tracking down these animals, keep in mind that domesticated animals like the Border Collie will be in the city while other animals like the Boar and Mountain Lion will be in the north around Blaine County and Mount Chilliad.

How to get the Park Ranger vehicle in GTA Online

The Park Ranger vehicle is obtained by completing one Wildlife Photo. This will unlock the ability to purchase the vehicle from the online retailer. If you want the trade price, you need to complete 10 Wildlife Photos. The trade price will knock about 30% off the price of the vehicle so it is worth it to track those animals down.

Get in close

The Wildlife Photography challenge can be a bit finnicky. When taking a picture of an animal, be sure to zoom in close enough to make it count. A good practice is to make the animal the main focus of the image.

GTA Online Wildlife Photography – FAQ

How many animals are there for you to photograph in GTA Online?

There are 20 different animals that you can photograph as part of the Wildlife Photography challenge.

What are the rewards for the Wildlife Photography in GTA Online?

For completing one photo, you get access to purchasing the Park Ranger vehicle. For completing 10 photos, you get the trade price for the Park Ranger vehicle.