Genshin Impact Switch release speculation – what we know so far

Genshin Impact Switch release speculation – what we know so far
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Is Genshin Impact on Switch? With the launch of Genshin Impact 4.0 and the release of Fontaine, you might be wondering if you can take your adventure into Teyvat from the comfort of your Nintendo Switch. You might expect Genshin to be on the Switch, considering how it’s available on iOS and Andriod, but it currently isn’t anywhere to be seen on Nintendo’s flagship handheld.

Genshin Impact has been confirmed to be in development for Nintendo Switch by Hoyoverse. It seems that Genshin Impact is one of the few big open-world multiplayer games to not make an appearance on Switch. Big updates like the Genshin Impact 4.0 release could have been the time to announce a Switch debut. On the other hand, if you’ve been playing the new update, you might want to know how to get to Fontaine in Genshin Impact, the newest area.

Will Genshin Impact ever come to Nintendo Switch?

Hoyoverse announced in the past the Genshin Impact will be available on Nintendo Switch at some point in the future. If we take this at face value, this is the official confirmation that Genshin Impact is in development for the Nintendo Switch. In a video trailer released on January 14, 2020, we see the Traveler Lumine and Paimon running through a forested area that looks a lot like Liyue. This trailer served as the announcement that a Switch port of Genshin Impact was in the works.

Granted, the trailer was shared several months before the game came out on September 28, 2020. However, the description of the trailer clearly states:, ‘Open-world ARPG game Genshin Impact will come to Nintendo Switch in the future.’ Ever since this trailer, we’ve still not heard a single whisper of the highly-anticipated Switch release. It could be the case that the Switch’s hardware couldn’t handle Genshin Impact.

Final thoughts

With this, the developers confirmed Genshin Impact will come to the Nintendo Switch. Even if Hoyoverse has been quiet on all fronts about the expected release date, or a simple update regarding the Switch port, it hasn’t backtracked or said otherwise that the Switch port has been cancelled.

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Is there any hope for the Switch release?

Don’t give up hope just yet. Genshin Impact continues to grow and, with Hoyoverse confirming its appearance at Gamescom 2023, we might just yet hear an announcement. There’s still a chance, but we will have to be patient. If games like Red Dead Redemption or Fortnite can make their way to the Switch, why can’t Genshin?

So there you have it. Genshin Impact is not on the Nintendo Switch, but Hoyoverse is ostensibly planning a release date. In the meantime, you can play Genshin Impact on PlayStation, PC, Steam Deck, iOS and Andriod. Want more Genshin? With the release of 4.0, you can also check out our Genshin Impact best Yelan builds and how to play multiplayer in Genshin Impact for more.