Genshin Impact – Naku Weed locations and best farming route

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If you want to grab Naku Weed in Genshin Impact, our guide has you covered. Naku Weed is a collectable plant material that is used in various character development.

The problem with these materials is that they are typically in short supply. Naku Weed is hard to come by, and you can only collect once from any node you find. As an Inazuma Regional Speciality, it is used for character Ascension only.

Naku Weed is used by Kuki Shinobu and Yoimiya. To gather it, you must have reached Inazuma, which will involve progressing through the Archon quest line until you can explore the islands. For more Genshin, read our Yoimiya best builds and where to find Amakumo Fruit. Now, this is where to find Naku Weed in Genshin Impact.

Where to find Naku Weed in Genshin Impact

Yoimiya Talent material Naku Weed in Genshin Impact
Yoimiya Talent material Naku Weed in Genshin Impact. (Image taken by VideoGamer)

Naku Weed is a plant that can be found scattered all over the Inazuma islands. As a regional speciality, you can expect to use Naku Weed in character Ascension and nothing else. As of the latest version of the game, there are only two characters who use Naku Weed in Ascension; Yoimiya and Kuki Shinobu.

The most you can gather in one cycle is roughly 130, which will get you well on your way through Ascending Yoimiya or Kuki. Sadly, Naku Weed is fairly spread out and collecting it will take you some time. The good news is you can use the Seed Box gadget and collect Naku Weed seeds that can be planted in your Serenitea Pot. As with all Local Speciality items in Genshin, Naku Weed will respawn in your world after two days.

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Gorou will help you gather

The four-star character Gorou has a passive ability to mark Inazuma local specialies on your mini map. This is extremely helpful if you have him, since it makes collecting much more efficient.

Naku Weed locations

As of the latest version of Genshin Impact, Naku Weed grows on Narukami Island, Tatarasuna, and Seirai Island. There are more Naku Weeds found on Seirai Island than anywhere else, and it is closer together here than on the other islands. Narukami Island and Tatarasuna have plenty, but they are much more spaced out. Let’s look at where you can gather them specifically.

Naku Weed locations – Seirai Island

A Genshin Impact map displaying the locations of Naku Weed
A Genshin Impact map displaying the locations of Naku Weed (Image taken by VideoGamer)

Seirai Island has the largest concentration of Naku Weed, which is why we suggest you start there. To reach this island, you must progress through the Inazuma Archon quest and you will eventually get a world quest from Katheryne to travel there. Once here, you will find plenty of Naku Weed dotted all over the island.

Naku Weed locations – Tatarasuna

A map shows Naku Weed locations in Inazuma in Genshin Impact
A map shows Naku Weed locations in Inazuma in Genshin Impact (Image taken by VideoGamer)

Tatarasuna has the second-highest number of Naku Weed, but the problem with this area is you need to unlock more of it. To get the most Naku Weed from Tatarasuno, you must complete the extremely lengthy world quest Tatara Tales. Doing so will open the area more and remove the barrier around the area, letting you explore and gather more than you could. Check out our full Tatara Tales guide to get access to the area.

Naku Weed locations – Narukami Island

A map of Narukami Island in Genshin Impact showing Naku Weed locations
A map of Narukami Island in Genshin Impact showing Naku Weed locations (Image taken by VideoGamer via HoYoLab)

Narukami Island is the first Inazuma island you can explore, so if you only have access to this island you can get a fair few Naku Weed. As you explore more of Inazuma, you will unlock more islands to travel to. We suggest making more progress in Inazuma to open more Naku Weed farming routes.

Naku Weed farming route

Using the official Teyvat Interactive map on HoyoLab, you can see in the images above that there are plenty of Naku Weed nodes to gather in Inazuma, especially on Seirai Island. When gathering Naku Weed, make sure you start here and then work your way back to the other island.

You ideally want to finish up on Narukami Island, but the order doesn’t matter too much. We recommend starting at Seirai Island since you will gather more that are closer together. As you go back to Tatarasuna and Narukami Island, you will notice the Naku Weed is more spread out. We also recommend fully unlocking all of Tatarasuna to be able to gather more Naku Weed.

That’s all you need to know about Naku Weed locations in Genshin Impact. For more, make sure you read our guides covering where to find Lakelight Lilly and Yoimiya Talent and Ascension materials guide.

Naku Weed locations FAQs

Who needs Naku Weed?

Yoimiya and Kuki Shinobu use Naku Weed in their character Ascension. It has no other use.

How long does Naku Weed take to respawn?

Naku Weed takes two days to respawn. This is the case for most Local Speciality materials.

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