Genshin Impact – Tatarasuna barrier unlock guide

Genshin Impact – Tatarasuna barrier unlock guide
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How do you break the barrier and unlock Tatarasuna in Genshin Impact? Inazuma is brimming with puzzles and mysteries you ought to discover and solve, and unlocking the Tatarsuna barrier is one of them. Yes, we’re talking about that region in Inazuma that is protected by an annoying Electro-barrier barring entry.

The massive barrier prohibits anything from passing through it and discovering what’s beyond it. However, there is one way to bring the shield down and that is by finishing the first part of the Tatara Tales quest, which will let you explore what’s behind the Tatarasuna barrier.

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How to break the barrier in Tatarasuna

To break the electro barrier in Tatarasuna, you need to accept and complete the world quest Tatara Tales. To start this quest, you need to speak to Toranosuke and Miyuki at the Kujou Encampment, where you’ll be tasked to assess the situation at Tatarasuna. This begins an extremely long quest chain that will result in the electro barrier lifting and unlock Tatarasuna to explore.

Kujou Encampment genshin impact

Once you’ve got the quest from the Kujou Encampent, you will be asked to head to Tatarasuna island, where you’ll meet Xavier, the Great Inventor from Fontaine. On the north side of Tatarasuna, you will want to use the Teleport Waypoint to the west of the Statue of the Seven. Once you teleport there, head slightly west to find Xavier.

Statue of the Seven in Tatarasuna genshin impact

How to observe Mikage Furnace

The next part of the Tatara Tales will ask you to observe the Mikage Furnace and investigate the barrier rifts in three nearby locations. Prepare yourself for a battle as you will have to face groups of Fatui Skirmishers this time around. 

  • In the first location, you are asked to defeat the Cryo, Hydro and Anemo Fatui skirmishers to clear it.
  • For the second quest marker, an Electro Seelie will be floating high enough to make it unreachable. The best option for you is to summon an Electrogranum and interact with the Thunder Sphere above you. The sphere will pull you towards it, and you’ll be able to come in contact with the Electro Seelie. Follow the Seelie to its court and move on to the last location. 
  • On the southern part of Tatarasuna, you can find the last location for this task. Once again, summon an Electrogranum and pass through the thunder barrier. 

How to use the Kamuijima Cannon in the Tatara Tales quest

Report back to Xavier again once you’re finished, and this time, he’ll provide the Kamuijima Cannon Map. Take a good look at these locations and visit each one. For the sake of this guide, we will label the cannons from top to bottom using the Kamuijima Cannon Map as top, middle, and bottom.

Kamuijima Cannon Map genshin impact

Upon arrival, you’ll notice a large cannon that was once used by the Shogunate against the Watatsumi Army. Firing it will shoot projectiles dealing AOE Electro damage upon impact. The cannons’ purpose this time is to shatter the rifts down and unlock the Tatarasuna barrier.

cannons genshin impact

Once you get there, look for a Sakura Bough and summon Electrogranum. Interact with the cannons and click on operate. Destroying the rift may be a bit tricky and may lead you to have some failed attempts, but you can skip that process by following these steps:

genshin impact fire canon

You will notice that when you use the cannons, you will be able to move them to adjust your aim. When each cannon is set in its default position, you only need to do a couple of movements each to hit the mark. Based on the map you are given, we have labelled the cannons as top, middle, and bottom. From their default positions, adjust the cannons in the following order:

  • Top Cannon 1: 2 right and 2 up
  • Middle Cannon 2: 3 left and 2 up 
  • Bottom Cannon 3: 2 right and 2 up

After successfully destroying the rift, the Mikage Furnace will be unlocked and a cutscene will trigger. Finishing the first part of Tatara Tales also opens up the achievement “Knock Knock” giving you five Primogems. Doing so will unlock the Tatarasuna barrier in Genshin. With it gone, you have successfully unlocked Tatarasuna to explore.

✓ Good to know

Explore Tatarasuna carefully

Beware, until you complete the finale involving the Mikage Furnace, you will still be periodically hurt by Electro damage when you enter through the area where the barrier was previously stopping you. Make sure to do this quest every day to reach the finale.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations! Now that you’ve destroyed the Tatarasuna Electro barrier and unlocked the Mirage Furnace, you can explore the area and move on with the rest of the Tatara Tales Quest. Tatara Tales is a seven-day world quest in Inazuma. It is time-gated and takes seven days to finish but it’s worth the wait due to the hefty amount of rewards and the freedom to explore the entire area.

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