Best Prop Hunt Fortnite Codes – 7 Best Pro Hunt Maps To Play in 2024

Best Prop Hunt Fortnite Codes – 7 Best Pro Hunt Maps To Play in 2024
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Prop hunt is one of the most exciting minigames in Fortnite right now. The basic premise is simple- you’ll either be a prop or a hunter. The props must hide the map as different objects, and the hunters need to find the props by looking for discrepancies around the map. In this article, we’ll show you seven of the most underrated Prop hunt Fortnite codes to use heading into 2024. These maps are guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours and are some of the most refined in Fortnite Creative. If you are looking to dive into other Fortnite maps, take a look at Best Fortnite Maps for XP and Best Fortnite Creative Maps.

Top Prop Hunt Fortnite Codes

Metro Prop Hunt: 2999-5730-7228

A screenshot of a game featuring a duck on the screen, showcasing one of the 7 best Prop Hunt Fortnite codes in 2024.
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Metro Prop Hunt is renowned for having one of the best maps out of any Fortnite prop hunt code. As you might expect, it takes place in the metro, and there are simply hundreds of hiding spots for you to take advantage of, from train carriages to shop floors.

This map is also excellent if you prefer to play on smaller-scale teams, as its maximum capacity is just 16 players. You can also play this map with a full squad of buddies, to make for an even better experience. 

Prop Hunt – The Farm: 8501-8633-3015

A festive screenshot of the prop hunt the farm, one of the best Prop Hunt Fortnite Codes
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The Farm is one of the oldest Fortnite Creative maps still in rotation, but it’s also one of the best. It’s recently been updated, but still keeps the essence of what made the map so popular when it was first released. 

This map takes place on a pretty small farm, which is bursting with life, unique buildings and intricacies to explore. There aren’t loads of hiding spots, because of the small size of the map, which does mean that you’ll have to get creative when you’re hiding.

The Farm is another great map to play on with a full squad, as only ten players can play at any one time. 

Mall Mania Prop Hunt: 3904-9321-7254

a screenshot of fortnite mall mania prop hunt map
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Mall Mania Prop Hunt is one of the largest prop hunt Fortnite codes currently available. As you’d expect, it takes place in a mall. However, the sheer size of the mall is staggering, and it’s been stated that there are over 900 props for players to use when hiding from the hunters.

Mall Mania supports a maximum of 24 players at any one time. It also supports ‘Infection mode’, meaning that whenever you get caught by a hunter, you’ll join their ranks and try to find the other props. This means that you’ll always be playing, and never left out spectating if you get caught early. 

So, if you prefer to play on larger-scale maps with plenty of players, you’ll probably find Mall Mania the most enjoyable map on this list.

Prop Hunt – Candy Factory: 3455-9215-7438

screenshot of fortnite prop hunt candy factory map code
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Prop Hunt- Candy Factory might just be one of the most chaotic Fortnite Prop hunt Code in rotation right now. Like Mall Mania, the map is absolutely huge, taking place in a well-made Candy Factory. There are hundreds of different props to choose from, following the map’s candy theme, and thousands more hiding spots to find.

The best part of this map is the unbelievable detail that went into every single room. No two parts of the map look the same, and because there’s so much detail, you’ll be able to find somewhere different to hide whenever you play.

The only downside to this map is that, because of its size, the odds are stacked in favour of the props, and if you’re a hunter, you could just be chasing air for the duration of the game. However, props do become hunters after they’re eliminated, which mitigates the unfairness significantly.

Minecraft Prop Hunt: 0442-4585-1735

a screenshot showing Fortnite Minecraft prop hunt map
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If you’re a fan of Minecraft, then Minecraft Prop Hunt might just become your next favourite Prop Hunt Fortnite Code. As you might expect, this map takes heavy inspiration from the world of Minecraft and is virtually a carbon copy of the blocky desert biome.

The map is actually pretty small, and there aren’t too many hiding spots or props to choose from. The max capacity is also very low at just 12 players, who are evenly split between props and hunters.

This definitely isn’t the most refined prop hunt Fortnite code on this list. However, sheerly from a nostalgic standpoint, it’s still one of the most enjoyable to play, especially with a full squad of friends. 

Tidal Wave – 8312-0054-3731

Tidal Wave has one of the best concepts out of any map on this list and probably makes for the most unique Prop Hunt experience you’ll ever have.

As a map, Tidal Wave looks absolutely awesome, especially with Fortnite’s recent transfer to Unreal Engine 5. There aren’t loads of hiding spots though, and the prop selection isn’t as impressive as the other maps on this list. 

However, what makes Tidal Wave one of the best prop hunt Fortnite codes is the fact that, at random times, a massive Tidal Wave will spawn, sweeping props from their hiding spots, forcing them to relocate before the hunters spot them moving. This event makes for a very refreshing experience because it means that you can’t just camp out in a single spot for the entire game. Furthermore, it gives hunters a better chance of finding the props before the time runs out.

Sunset Cruise: 9871-0711-7202

The last map on this list is probably the prettiest. As the name suggests, it takes place on a giant yacht in the middle of the ocean, whilst the sun is setting. 

Beyond looking the part, Sunset Cruise is excellent to play on, because of the wide selection of hiding spots and props to transform into. The map is also huge, and you’ll never get bored of it as there are more hiding spots to choose from than you could ever explore. 

Sunset Cruise is also an infection-style map, so even if you get caught early, you’ll be able to join in on the fun.

All of these prop hunt maps are perfect to play with friends, or by yourself, and will have you in stitches as you try to survive the duration of each game. If you want to play more Fortnite maps or improve your game, take a look at Best Fortnite Creative Maps, How to level up fast and Best Weapons in Fortnite.