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What’s more important than keeping yourself alive when playing as a healer in an MMORPG like Final Fantasy XIV? Keeping your team alive of course. After all, it gets infinitely harder for a healer to complete a dungeon without their other party members.

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Unfortunately, sometimes party members end up dying, in which case the strength of the party falls to one person. One person who could have made a huge difference. Fortunately, it’s possible to revive other players in this game as well.

We’ll be going through the various ways you can revive other players in FFXIV, as well as any other relevant information you might need to know.

How to Revive Players in the Overworld in Final Fantasy XIV

When free roaming, chances are you might come across players laying down on the ground. No, they aren’t taking a nap. Instead, they’ve run out of health and are now waiting for another player to come and revive them.

Well, if you want, you could be that player for them. Reviving a player in the overworld is rather straightforward. All you have to do is

  1. Find a player waiting to be revived.
  2. Get close to the player.
  3. Interact with them and press the revive option.

That’s it, really. You just saved a player from either having to return back to their home point or waiting who knows how long for another player to come along.

How to Use Revive Ability in Dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV

There are a handful of abilities that players of certain classes can use to revive their downed group members in the middle of a dungeon. Unlike items, they can also be used in the middle of a battle, making them infinitely more useful.

Take the ability fittingly called ‘Resurrection’, for example. It’s an Arcanist, Summoner, and Scholar spell that revives a single ally in a weakened state. That ‘weakened’ state means they revive with only 20% of their max HP, but a weakened group member is better than a dead one.

All you have to do to use an ability like this is to simply have it unlocked and then cast it on a dead group member. One thing to keep in mind is that using the ability won’t ensure the player will be revived, as the dead player gets the option to accept the revive, decline it, or wait.

How to Use a Revive Item in Final Fantasy XIV

The third way you can revive another player in FFXIV is by using one of the two available revival items when in a dungeon. If you find one of your group members dead in a dungeon, you can use either a Phoenix Down or a high grade company issue Tonic to revive them.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that it isn’t possible to use either of these two items when in the middle of combat, so that significantly reduces their usefulness. Nevertheless, they might come in handy when your group finds itself in a pinch.

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That was everything you needed to know about reviving other players in FFXIV. If you’re using a class that specializes in healing, then the second method is one that should resonate with you on a personal level. Otherwise, the first one is something most of us must have already done at least once.

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