Which Patron Deity Should You Choose in Final Fantasy XIV

Which Patron Deity Should You Choose in Final Fantasy XIV
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When starting off FFXIV by creating your character, players are given many different choices as to their character’s race, gender, and more. However, one of the later options is which Patron Deity your character should be associated with.

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We understand that new players especially might be rather confused when it comes to the differences between all the patron deities they can choose from, as well as which one is the best to choose.

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Well, we’re here to help you with deciding which patron deity you should go for when creating your character.

All Patron Deities in FFXIV

All in all, there are a total of twelve Patron Deities players can choose from. They are-

  • Halone the Fury 
  • Menphina the Lover 
  • Thaliak the Scholar 
  • Nymeia the Spinner 
  • Llymlaen the Navigator 
  • Oschon the Wanderer 
  • Byregot the Builder 
  • Rhalgr the Destroyer 
  • Azeyma the Warden 
  • Nald’thal the Trader 
  • Nophica the Matron 
  • Althyk the Keeper

Which Patron Deity Should You Choose in FFXIV

See, if this had been a couple of years back, then we would have been able to make a list that would help you choose the best patron deity. This is because, in the past, Patron Deities would provide your character with small tweaks to their elemental resistances. Therefore, some Patron Deities were more useful than others.

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However, since then, this feature has been removed and Patron Deities are pretty much fancy backstories to add to your character to make them seem more real and relatable. After all, what RPG fan doesn’t like roleplaying as their character? Even dungeon and dragons fans have a habit of spinning interesting backstories for the characters they make.

Therefore, we recommend you go with whatever Patron Deity you feel will suit your character based on the information the game provides you. Use your imagination and get into the feel of a traditional tabletop RPG.

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One thing to keep in mind is that each deity corresponds with a month on Eorzea’s calendar, and you’ll see them all often throughout your journey. Because of this, many players pick either the deity that represents the number of the month their birthday is on or based on which deity looks or sounds the coolest.

Final Thoughts

That was all you needed to know about the Patron Deities in FFXIV. One thing to remember is that although which patron deity you choose doesn’t really affect gameplay anymore, other decisions you make during character creation do. 

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For example, which class and race you pick has a pretty significant impact on the starting statistics of the character you’re creating, so it’s worth doing some research beforehand.