How to Remove Sprout in Final Fantasy XIV

How to Remove Sprout in Final Fantasy XIV
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Many games out there have a system that is put in to ensure veteran players of that game know if they’re playing with or against a beginner player. Although this is usually added to promote understanding, it instead fuels discrimination towards beginner players.

Final Fantasy XIV also has a similar system in the form of sprouts that beginner players have right next to their names to show everyone that they’re, well, a sprout. A flower that has yet to bloom and mature if you would.

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If you want to know how to get rid of the sprout, then you’re at the right place as we’ll be telling you how to do just that.

Why you Might Want to Remove the Sprout Final Fantasy XIV

While, yes, the original intentions behind the sprout must have been pure, as usually players are more understanding and helping of their teammates when they find out they’re complete beginners, this whole sprout fiasco seems to have backfired completely.

For starters, it seems as though the entire FFXIV community likes to make memes and jokes at the expense of sprout players, or sprouts as the community calls them. Although most (if not all) of them are harmless fun, being the butt of more than half of the jokes in the community must get annoying.

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Additionally, players without sprouts tend to treat sprout players with distaste in raids and other missions. Some players see it with a negative connotation and expect the performance of sprout players to be bad from the get go without giving them a chance to prove themselves. Finally, well, some players just don’t like how the sprout looks next to their name.

There is however one benefit to having the sprout that many players tend to either be unaware of or ignore entirely, and that’s how new adventurers get an experience boost when partied up with mentors.

How to Remove Sprout Final Fantasy XIV

When it comes to actually removing the sprout from next to your name, there are two ways of doing so, the long but legitimate way, and the short but non official way.

Method #1: The Long Way

The long way includes meeting several requirements after which the sprout will automatically go away. 

  • The first thing you need to do is play the game with a single character for a total of 168 hours.
  • The second requirement is to complete the Stormblood storyline completely.

Of course, 168 hours sounds like a lot, and honestly, it would be for any other genre of game, but when taking into consideration the fact that the average time spent in MMORPGs is much more than this, chances are you’ll meet this requirement before you know it.

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As for the second requirement, you’ll have to continue completing main story quests up till ‘A Requiem for Heroes’, as that signals the true end of this storyline. If you would rather not sit through the entire story, then buying story skips will also contribute towards the removal of your sprout.

Method #2: The Short Way

If you don’t want to go through the long way, then it’s possible to remove the sprout whenever you want, even if it’s at the very start of the game. All you have to do is type the command /nastatus into the game and press enter. 

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‘Na’ stands for ‘new adventurer’, and this command serves as a sort of toggle that you can use to turn the sprout on and off until you no longer qualify as a new adventurer, which will happen when you meet the requirements included with the first method.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to remove the sprout, you have to decide which method you want to take in removing it. Alternatively, you might want to take advantage of some of the more obscure benefits players with the sprout next to their names get.