Does Aerith die in FF7 Rebirth?

Does Aerith die in FF7 Rebirth?
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Does Aerith die in FF7 Rebirth? Aerith’s story was one of the most impactful narrative threads of the original, doing some major heavy lifting when it came to cementing the game as one of the best RPGs to grace our format, then and possibly since depending on who you ask. As FF7 Rebirth is a re-imagining rather than a like-for-like remake, it’s a reasonable question to ask whether Square Enix treats Aerith’s fate in the same way or made changes.

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Before we continue, here’s the obligatory spoiler warning: the following busts wide open one of the biggest story beats in FF7 Rebirth, so if you want to go in blind, don’t read any further.

Does Aerith still die in FF7 Rebirth?

Yes, Aerith’s fate follows the same path as the 1997 original and she does indeed die in FF7 Rebirth. She is killed by Sephiroth like in the original game, though reaching that point involves a few more stops and lots more narrative dressing. In contrast to the original where Cloud feels responsible for her death, Rebirth leans more into Aerith choosing her own path, despite the gang feeling immense sadness as her demise. 

Like many Final Fantasy games, all this is open to interpretation, so we strongly suggest experiencing it first hand to form your own ideas on the event. But, as with the original, it might be worth having a tissue handy if you’re susceptible to a tear or two during weighty emotional moments.

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