FC 24 – How to chip shot

FC 24 – How to chip shot
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Looking to learn how to chip shot in FC 24? You’re in luck. The hype leading into the release of FC 24 is real, with fans around the globe eager to get started in this brand-new game.  The new era, marking the end of the FIFA and EA relationship, will no doubt introduce some new players to the world of sports gaming, with mastering the basic skills being key to competing at the very top level.

Some fans will already be in the game via FC 24 early access. We know that FC 24 Ultimate Team will be the ultra-competitive space once more, so make sure to use the FC 24 Web App so you don’t fall behind. The app is available over a week before the official FC 24 release date.

Before that though, we want to take a look at some of the smaller details that will help you win big in FC 24. Check below to find out how to score chip shot goals in this year’s game. 

How to chip shot in FC 24

Shooting in FC 24 is key, it’s the only way you’re going to find the back of the net and start picking up victories. For some time, there have been many different ways to score goals, with power shots, bicycle kicks, headers and volleys all being added throughout the years. 

However, the often-overlooked chip shot has proven to be one of the most effective methods of finding the back of the net. A chip shot is effectively a lofted effort on goal that requires perfect timing and power. 

In order to perform a chip shot in FC 24:

  • Make sure your attacking player is in the opposing half
  • Hold down L1 (PlayStation) or LB (Xbox)
  • At the same time, hold O (PlayStation) or B (Xbox)

This will result in a chip shot being performed. 

It’s important to note that chip shots do not require much power in order to be effective. More often than not, you will only need a small amount of power to beat the goalkeeper. Chip shots are most effective when the opposing goalkeeper has rushed off of their line, leading to ample space being revealed behind them. 

Whilst it remains to be seen if they will be a meta-breaker once again, we can guarantee that chip shots will be as important as ever in FC 24.