FC 24 New Zealand trick – How to play before full release

FC 24 New Zealand trick – How to play before full release
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Will you be using the New Zealand trick for FC 24 to get in the game early? If you want to know whether it works, or how to do it, we have you covered. The age-old time zone trick is often used by gamers across all manner of releases, and EA FC 24 is no different.

Many fans used the trick to gain FC 24 early access before the midnight release times. It looks like the same system will be in place for the full FC 24 release date, so you may as well check it out. Make sure to check the FC 24 download size and preload requirements too to ensure a smooth entry to the game.

Find out if you can access FC 24 early using the New Zealand time trick below. Before jumping into the game, make sure to read our FC 24 Review, and learn the FC 24 best formations and custom tactics. We’ve played FIFA extensively over the years and we’ve put in a ton of time in to ensure our guides are as detailed as they can be.

FC 24 New Zealand trick

Early access began on September 22 for Ultimate Edition of EA Sports FC, but gamers jumped on the latest game early when the FC 24 New Zealand release time trick went live! Switching time zones on your console is a classic way to beat the system.

Users who used the trick were able to access FC 24 from 8am ET / 1pm BST on Thursday, September 21. This gives them access to the game 11 hours before the official Friday UK official release.

The same should be available for fans waiting for the Standard Edition release of the game. However, we have only seen Xbox users able to employ the trick so far. Those on PC have seen no success.

Will the New Zealand trick work for FC 24?

Yes, the New Zealand trick works for FC 24. The launch time for the game is midnight local in your actual location, which means that the New Zealand launch will actually take place at 8am ET in the United States and 1pm BST in the UK the day before.

This allows for the classic time zone trick to work, but there may be a catch. Switching your time zone on Xbox is straightforward. However, it is a little bit more complicated for PlayStation players.

The complications only arise if it is essential that your console remains set up for your time zone. If that is the case, you can create a new PSN account, but that comes at a cost.

How to change your console to New Zealand time zone

If you want to try out the time zone trick for EA Sports FC 24, then follow this simple step-by-step guide Xbox console location to the New Zealand time zone:

  1. On your console, head to settings menu
  2. Once in the settings section, click System tab
  3. Inside the system setting, select the Language and Location option
  4. Switch your location to New Zealand
  5. Once these steps have been complete, restart your console.

Here are the instructions for how to change your PlayStation console to New Zealand time zone:

  1. On your consoles main menu, head to settings
  2. Once in the settings section, click ‘System’
  3. Inside the system setting, select ‘Date and Time’
  4. Switch your Time Zone to Wellington
  5. Once these steps have been complete, restart your console.

There are other ways of getting in the game and experiencing the new features early too. The best way is by using the FC 24 FUT Web App to begin managing your Ultimate Team right away. EA Play subscription members can also access a free trial of the game during the seven days of early access period.