Does Payday 3 have Denuvo?

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Many wannabe heisters on PC are asking the question does Payday 3 have Denuvo? We’ve got the answer for you right here.

The multiplayer heist-em-up launches later this week on console and on PC, and for a time was set to be using the controversial anti-piracy technology. However, recent developments – including the response from fans – has prompted a change of heart from developer Starbreeze and publisher Deep Silver. Before we get down to business, check out our Payday 3 weapons list or find out when the Payday 3 early access start time is with our handy guides.

Here then, is what we know about Payday 3 and Denuvo.

Does Payday 3 have Denuvo anti-cheat?

No. In fact, as of September 15, it was announced via the game’s official Twitter account that Payday 3 has removed Denuvo from the Steam version of the game.

A twitter page providing updates on Payday 3.

What is Denuvo and why do people want to know if it’s in Payday 3?

Denuvo is a controversial DRM software that’s often packaged with many games on PC. Ostensibly, the software performs checks every time the game is launched to ensure that a copy is legit, and that the version of the game being played by all parties is legitimate.

However, it also has a fairly poor reputation with gamers, often being blamed for effecting a game’s performance by some users, and accusations of the software being a privacy risk to those who don’t realise it’s being installed with the game. It also has been known to prevent legitimate customers from playing their game, should they have a temperamental or otherwise unstable internet connection. While there’s been very little evidence that it effects all users negatively – and some people have never reported problems – there’s still been enough individual cases of the software negatively effecting users that has caused many players to outright reject a game if it has Denuvo attached.

It seems that while earlier versions of Payday 3 were set to use the controversial software, the backlash against it has been powerful enough that Starbreeze and Deep Silver have felt the need to drop it from Payday 3.

For more on the game, check out our Payday 3 skills list and what they do or our Payday 3 heist list – heists expected on launch.

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