Diablo 4 show FPS counter and latency – here’s how to see them

Diablo 4 show FPS counter and latency – here’s how to see them
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Wondering how to show FPS and latency in Diablo 4? We’ve got you covered. Here at Videogamer, we’ve played Diablo 4 extensively and have given it rave feedback in our Diablo 4 review. One of the most important aspects about the game is performance – and making sure you’re not dropping frames. If and when you do, you want to be able to act on it fast.

The good news is that you’re able to bring up the FPS, which is short for frames-per-second, on Diablo 4 if you’re playing on PC. You’re also able to bring up the latency, which is the technical term for ‘lag’. Sadly, you are not able to show performance data if you’re playing on PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch consoles.

Before kicking off make sure you have checked out the best graphics settings for Diablo 4 – so you can tailor the game to your graphics card and hardware. If you are noticing low fps, increased latency or other performance issues, despite the fact your GPU and hardware meets the minimum requirements, then you may want to raise this and report the bug to Blizzard who may be able work on a fix.

How to show FPS and latency in Diablo IV

Showing the FPS and latency is incredibly simple to do if you’re playing Diablo 4 on PC. Simply do the following:

  • Step 1: Make sure you’re playing on PC, you’re not able to see either FPS or Latency if playing on console
  • Step 2: Press CTRL and R together on your keyboard to show FPS
  • Step 3: Press CTRL and R together for a second time to show latency
  • Pressing CTRL R for a third time will remove the counter.

The FPS will show at the bottom corner of the screen, which we have captured below during our playthrough of the game. The size of the counter cannot be adjusted, neither can the colour.

Diablo 4 show FPS
The FPS once activated will show in the bottom left of the screen (Image taken by Videogamer)

That’s all you need to know about turning on the FPS counter in Diablo 4. Make sure you check out our other Diablo 4 guides, including how to kill treasure goblins in Diablo 4, how to summon a Golem, and how to get a mount in Diablo 4. Happy demon slaying, Diablo fans.