What to do with the Rusted Key in Diablo 4

What to do with the Rusted Key in Diablo 4
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Wondering what to do with the Rusted Key in Diablo 4? The world of Sanctuary is home to several dungeons, each with unique objectives and rewards for players. Season 1 expands on this with its new Malignant Tunnels that spice up traditional dungeons. But players have been wondering why the Rusted Key drops when you leave a particular dungeon.

If you’re just heading into Diablo 4 Season 1, our Diablo 4 renown guide will help you nag some bonus healing potion charges, paragon points, and skill points. Keep tabs on the Diablo 4 Season Journey as well to speed up battle pass progression. And with that, let’s head into the Belfry Zakara dungeon to learn more about the Rusted Key.

Diablo 4 Rusted Key and what to do with it

The Rusted Key drops from the Anchorbound Chaplain, an elite enemy in the Belfry Zakara dungeon in the Hawezar region of Diablo 4. This dungeon is situated in the Rotspill Delta area, north of the Backwater waypoint. You’ll need this key to open a locked door and head to the final boss. If you’re wondering where this dungeon is, check out the image below.

Diablo 4 Rusted Key: An image of the in-game map with the Belfry Zakara dungeon highlighted.

How to clear the Belfry Zakara dungeon to get the Rusted Key in Diablo 4

Here’s a step-by-step guide to clear the Belfry Zakara dungeon in Diablo 4 to get the Rusted Key:

  • Starting the dungeon tasks you with the first objective: destroying two Drowned Bells (marked on the minimap). Evade enemy attacks and chip away at the bells to clear this objective. You’ll encounter a few Elite minions too.
  • Once that’s done, a waterfall that was previously blocking your progress will clear up. Pass through it to enter the Salt Scarred Marbles.
  • This is where you’ll face the Anchorbound Chaplain in combat. This enemy isn’t a hassle as long as you don’t get stuck to a spot by his anchors.
Diablo 4 Rusted Key: An image of a player character fighting the Anchorbound Chaplain in the game.
  • He’ll drop the Diablo 4 Rusted Key, which can then be used to open the Locked Door behind him.
  • Enter the final boss room to face the Drowned Seahab, the boss of this Diablo 4 dungeon. The Drowned Seahag can summon waterfalls and deadly tidal attacks. Prioritize evading these attacks as you chip away at her health. Use potions whenever you need them. Try to stagger her to land even more attacks.
  • Once you beat her, you will have cleared the dungeon.
Diablo 4 Rusted Key: An image of a player character fighting the Drowned Seahag in the game.

It’s a straightforward dungeon that grants you a powerful Druid Aspect. Aspect of the Ursine Horror grants the following ability: Pulverize is now also an Earth Skill. After casting Pulverize, tectonic spikes continue to deal (XX) damage over 2 seconds. Here are some other Diablo 4 Aspects worth considering.

Diablo 4 Rusted Key bug

Players have spotted the Rusted Key drop from their inventory whenever they leave the dungeon. If you leave the dungeon via a portal without facing the final boss, you can return and pick up the Rusted Key as long as you don’t walk out of the town. Players who defeat the dungeon will also drop this item when they leave the Belfry Zakara dungeon. Key items don’t behave this way so it’s weird that it drops from your stash. It’s an odd occurrence that doesn’t impact gameplay. Don’t worry about the bug that’s been causing some confusion as the Rusted Key has no further use. Here are some other dungeons to farm XP in Diablo 4.

That’s everything you need to know about the Rusted Key in Diablo 4. Check out our Diablo 4 Malignant Hearts guide if you’re looking to improve your Seasonal character with buffs. We’ve also got a deadly best Diablo 4 Twisting Blades Rogue build for you to check out in the first season.