Is Dead Island 2 split screen?

Is Dead Island 2 split screen?
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Is Dead Island 2 split screen? While online multiplayer games are as popular as they have ever been, there has been a distinct lack of local modes for people to play on one console. You still see them now and then, but more often than not, developers choose to forego implementing shared screen functionality any more.

With this in mind, here is what we know about the split screen situation with Dead Island 2. Be sure to check out our guides to Dead Island 2 characters and Dead Island 2 co-op.

Does Dead Island 2 have split screen?

Unfortunately for anyone who loves the old days of playing split screen games with a friend on their TV, Dead Island 2 does not have split screen. You can only play with other people through an internet connection, so multiple consoles and televisions are required to play with a friend in the same place as you.

As mentioned above, bigger games like Dead Island 2 avoiding split screen has become a large trend over the last decade. There are various reasons for why it happens. Sometimes, it’s a matter of development issues and getting the game to run properly enough while running the world twice on the same system. Other times, it was just never part of the development plan. Whatever reason it is here, Dead Island 2 does not pursue it.

While there is always potential for Dead Island 2 to include a split screen local multiplayer update at some point in the future, there has been nothing announced yet, and we wouldn’t get our hopes up. The developers will be more focused on fixing any problems that arise in the game they currently have and additions made to it will likely have already been planned out for a while.

The lack of Dead Island 2 split screen isn’t the only disappointment. The Dead Island 2 crossplay situation has people scratching their heads for a feature that is very commonplace these days. For more on the game, check out our guides to Dead Island 2 fast travel, Dead Island 2 guns, and for all the details on the Dead Island 2 Skope devices dotted across Hell-A.