Dead by Daylight how to Mori Survivors and pull off your most stylish finishers

Dead by Daylight how to Mori Survivors and pull off your most stylish finishers
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Want to Mori Survivors in Dead by Daylight? The Memento Mori ability is a special power Killers can use to kill a Survivor outright when certain conditions are met. Not only is it practical, but it’s usually pretty stylish, with different Killers having their own unique Mori animations.

So here, we’ll explain how to Mori Survivors in Dead by Daylight, giving you the chance to sacrifices victims of the Trials in style. Be sure to brush up on the rest of the game’s mechanics too though. Whether you want a rundown of how to Prestige bloodwebs or need a reminder on how to drop items, we can help you out.

Did you know?

In early development, all Killers were originally able to choose between sacrificing and outright killing survivors when they brought a player down. This form for the Mori was eventually scrapped as it was felt that it gave too great an advantage to the Killers.

How to perform a Mori in Dead by Daylight

To perform a Mori, you’ll need to unlock and equip a Memento Mori, load into a match as a Killer, and bring a Survivor into their dying state. Then use the interact button to perform the move.

First thing’s first, you’ll need a Memento Mori offering. There are three types you can pick up in-game by investing into your Bloodweb as a Killer. They each allow you to Mori when meeting slightly different conditions.

  • Cypress Memento Mori (Uncommon) – Lets the Killer perform a Mori on the last remaining Survivor in the Trials when they’re in a dying state.
  • Ivory Memento Mori (Rare) – Allows the Killer to perform a Mori on one Survivor per match when they’re in the dying state and have progressed two hook stages (i.e. have been captured and placed on a hook twice previously).
  • Ebony Memento Mori (Ultra Rare) – Gives the Killer the power to Mori all Survivors who are in dying state and have progressed two hook stages.

The key here is to get a Survivor in a dying state first. This is the term used for when a Survivor has been hit by a basic attack or a power attack twice, and goes prone on the ground until they recover or the Killer picks them up.

Dead by Daylight how to Mori Survivors and pull off your most stylish finishers: A Survivor lies in a dying stat on the ground as the Killer looms over them.
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Can you Mori Survivors without hooking them?

There are a small handful of Killers who have the ability to Mori Survivors in Dead by Daylight without first hooking them, though this only occurs in special circumstances.

  • The Shape can Mori using the Evil Within combined with a Tombstone Piece or Judith’s Tombstone add-on.
  • The Pig can use Jigsaw’s Baptism.
  • The Executioner can use Rites of Judgment
  • The Onryo can use Deluge of Fear

Note though that some of these Mori will not count towards unlocking achievements.

That’s everything you should need to know to Mori Survivors in Dead by Daylight. Make sure you know how to get Killers fast if you want to make use of the most stylish finishing moves out there. If you’re playing as a Survivor though, it might be worth learning how to find the hatch to boost your chances at escape.

Can all Killers Mori Survivors in Dead by Daylight?

Yes, every Killer in DBD can Mori Survivors if the conditions are met, and each one has a unique kill animation.

Why Mori Survivors in Dead by Daylight?

Mori can be a good way to finish off a Survivor quickly, as it bypasses the need to hook a survivor for a third time and sacrifice them, sparing valuable seconds.