Dead by Daylight how to get Killers fast – Our guide to unlocking new monsters and villains

Dead by Daylight how to get Killers fast – Our guide to unlocking new monsters and villains
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Want to get Killers in Dead by Daylight? Behaviour Interactive’s asymmetric survival horror game is a game of two halves. On one side, you’ve got Survivors. These groups are the centre of the 4v1 experience, trying to escape the Trials before they’re caught and sacrificed to The Entity. The other half of the experience is of course the half doing that sacrificing – the Killers.

With so many having been added over the years however, it can sometimes be unclear how to actually get Killers in Dead by Daylight. So here, we’re going to give you a full breakdown of how you can unlock each one. If you want to make the most of them once you have them though, make sure you understand how to use the Dead by Daylight Prestige system and get Bloody Clothes for a superior sense of style.

Dead by Daylight how to get Killers fast - Our guide to unlocking new monsters and villains: The Character selection menu in DBD, highlighted on the Killers section.
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How to unlock all Killers in Dead by Daylight

To unlock Killers in Dead by Daylight, you’ll either need to purchase them with in-game currency or purchase the DLC that they’re a part of, with a few exceptions. There have been a lot of Killers added since the early days of the game, back when we wrote our Dead by Daylight review. So here’s a full breakdown for all of the Killers in-game at the moment, what they cost, and how you can pick them up if you want to try them out for yourself.

KillerPrice & StatusDLC
The TrapperFreeBase Game
The HillbillyFreeBase Game
The NurseFreeBase Game
The HuntressFreeBase Game
The WraithFree, tutorial unlockBase Game
The Xenomorph500 Auric CellsAlien chapter
The Singularity500 Auric Cells, 9000 Iridescent ShardsEnd Transmission chapter
The Skull Merchant500 Auric Cells, 9000 Iridescent ShardsTools of Torment chapter
The Knight500 Auric Cells, 9000 Iridescent ShardsForged in Fog chapter
The Mastermind500 Auric CellsResident Evil: Project W chapter
The Dredge500 Auric Cells, 9000 Iridescent ShardsRoots of Dread chapter
The Onryo500 Auric CellsSadako Rising chapter
The Artist500 Auric Cells, 9000 Iridescent ShardsPortrait of a Murder chapter
The Cenobite500 Auric CellsHellraiser chapter
The Nemesis500 Auric CellsResident Evil chapter
The Trickster500 Auric Cells, 9000 Iridescent ShardsAll-Kill chapter
The Twins500 Auric Cells, 9000 Iridescent ShardsA Binding of Kin chapter
The Blight500 Auric Cells, 9000 Iridescent ShardsDescend Beyond chapter
The Executioner500 Auric CellsSilent Hill chapter
The Deathslinger500 Auric Cells, 9000 Iridescent ShardsChains of Hate chapter
The Oni500 Auric Cells, 9000 Iridescent ShardsCursed Legacy
The Demogorgon500 Auric CellsStranger Things chapter
The Ghost Face500 Auric CellsGhost Face
The Plague 500 Auric Cells, 9000 Iridescent ShardsDemise of the Faithful chapter
The Legion500 Auric Cells, 9000 Iridescent ShardsDarkness Among Us chapter
The Spirit500 Auric Cells, 9000 Iridescent ShardsShattered Bloodline
The Clown 500 Auric Cells, 9000 Iridescent ShardsCurtain Call
The Pig500 Auric CellsThe Saw chapter
The Nightmare500 Auric CellsA Nightmare on Elm Street
The Cannibal 500 Auric CellsLEATHERFACE
The Doctor500 Auric Cells, 9000 Iridescent ShardsSpark of Madness
The Hag500 Auric Cells, 9000 Iridescent ShardsOf Flesh and Mud
The Shape500 Auric CellsThe Halloween chapter

Did you know?

All Killers who are original creations for Dead by Daylight can be bought with Irridescent shards, a rare in-game currency. Killers who originate from other horror IPs and stories however require some degree of real-world purchase to unlock.

Dead by Daylight how to get Killers fast - Our guide to unlocking new monsters and villains: The Singularity Killer's purchase selection screen, outlining its abilities, backstory, and prices.
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How do you decide who to unlock and play?

You may be looking at that list and seeing a few standout options, and we wouldn’t blame you. DBD is full to bursting with variety when it comes to its characters. That being said, its a pretty tall order to pick them all up, as even with a whole lot of grinding you’ll inevitably have to fork out some cash. We’d recommend heading into the game and reading through each Killer’s description to get a good sense of who you’re going to like.

All Killers share some similar functions. They’ve all got a basic attack, can hook prey that’s in a dying state, damage generator repairs, break pallets, follow scratch marks, and emit a terror radius. But all of them boast unique traits as well. Each Killer has a power totally unique to them, as well as several Perks and hexes you can equip that become unlockable for all Killers once you Prestige their bloodwebs far enough. Some of these powers are more physical, like the Trappers traps, but others might offer potent bonuses, improving movement speed or buffing the debuffs you can inflict like Haemorrhage to put further strain on survivors. Take a look through the catalogue and reflect on what you’ve enjoyed with Killers you’ve played so far. Chances are that you’ll find someone new to try out in no time.

Dead by Daylight how to get Killers fast - Our guide to unlocking new monsters and villains: A Killer smashes a pallet covered in scratch marks apart with a powerful kick.
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Is there a way to get Killers for free in Dead by Daylight?

Now obviously if you want to play all the Killers on that list, you’ll have to sacrifice a good chunk of your wallet. The obvious question then arises: can you get any Killers in the game for free?

The answer is yes, technically. The Nurse, Huntress, Hillbilly, and Trapper all come free at the beginning of the game, and you can also unlock The Wraith by completing the tutorial missions. Past this though, you’ll have to either grind or pay.

That’s everything we’ve got for you concerning how to get Killers in Dead by Daylight. If you’re still on the hunt for more insight into the game, why not take a look at some more of our catalogue? Whether you just need a reminder on how to drop items and why it’s useful, or you’re new to the franchise and unsure how to repair generators, we’ve got you covered.

How many Killers are there in Dead by Daylight?

There are currently a total of 33 different Killers that players can pick up and play in DBD.

Is it worth unlocking new Killers in Dead by Daylight?

It’s definitely worth unlocking new Killers in Dead by Daylight if you’ve tried out the free ones available and haven’t quite clicked with any of them. Since each Killer has distinct Perks and Powers, they all offer a unique play experience, which will work better for some players than others.