A new Modern Warfare 2 skin is coming to COD Mobile – here’s how to get it

A new Modern Warfare 2 skin is coming to COD Mobile – here’s how to get it
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Modern Warfare 2 is fast approaching after Infinity Ward teased fans with a brilliant few days of beta action.

As release date for MW2 looms, fans of COD Mobile will be able treat themselves to a brand new skin – which comes in the form of Red Team 141 Ghost.

And it’s incredibly easy to get. All you need to do is buy the game – but make sure you get the Vault edition to unlock the cosmetic.

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That’s it! There are no challenges or anything like that. The slight downside is that the Vault Edition is the most expensive of the bunch, coming in at $99.99. There are a load of other pre-order bonuses too, which do make pre-ordering the game worthwhile, especially if you play online.

MW2 is set to launch on October 28, but for those who have pre-ordered the game you can start playing the game’s campaign up to a week early, from October 20. For those looking to get online, you’ll have to wait until the full game is released.

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Modern Warfare 2 enjoyed a very successful beta weekend during September, which gave fans a look at multiplayer maps and weapons.

It’s rumoured MW2 will be getting ‘premium DLC’ to extend its life for another year, rather than a regular whole new release in 2023.