Best SMGs in CoD: Mobile

Best SMGs in CoD: Mobile
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What guns do you think of when you imagine Call of Duty mid-range gunfights? The MP5? Maybe the Pharo? Well, more often than not, players think of fast shooting SMGs before any other types of guns when the topic is brought up.

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However, not every SMG is the same. Yes, all of them fire bullets at breakneck speed and are smaller than assault rifles (SMG does stand for sub machine gun after all) however, some have more recoil while others might deal more damage.

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We’re here to go through the five best SMGs to use in CoD Mobile, so the next time you’re in the mood to go in guns blazing, you’ll be able to do so with one of the best weapons to support you.

CoD Mobile Best SMGs: KSP-45

Some of you might be a little confused to see a burst fire SMG being on this list, but trust us it’s for good reasons.

Not only is the recoil of this gun fairly easy to control, but, when put in the hands of a skilled player, it’s a beast when used in mid range fights.

Of course, it’s very important that you land all three shots, otherwise, you might find yourself gunned down before you can fire another burst of bullets.

CoD Mobile Best SMGs: MX9

The MX9 is a weapon that used to completely dominate every match in the game back when CoD Mobile was in its 7th season. However, it has since then been nerfed, something many players had been asking for.

That being said, the MX9 is still a VERY good weapon. With its excellent rate of fire and mobility, we highly recommend it for short to mid range gunfights.

CoD Mobile Best SMGs: Fennec

Deciding where to place Fennec on this list was a tough one, as how good it is depends on the player using it. On one hand, it has the potential to completely decimate the enemy before they even know what hit them, as this weapon has the fastest kill time in short range.

On the other hand, however, the ammo count is rather low, the recoil is pretty high, and there’s a MASSIVE damage drop the more the range between you and your target increases. For these reasons, we determined the middle of the list to be the perfect place for the fennec.

CoD Mobile Best SMGs: PP19 Bizon

Calling the PP19 an SMG wouldn’t exactly be completely accurate. Don’t get what we mean? Well, it has the magazine size of an LMG, along with very good mobility and recoil that isn’t too high.

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All these factors give players multiple ways to go around using this gun, may it be camping at one place while holding the fire button, or just rushing the enemy while constantly firing at every corner and possible hiding spot.

CoD Mobile Best SMGs: CBR4

Although the CBR4 has just recently gotten nerfed, it still managed to keep the spot of the best SMG in CoD Mobile. After all, it’s pretty much the whole package when it comes to what you might look for in an SMG.

Good fire rate? Check. Little to no recoil? Check. Satisfying shooting noise? Definite check.

Final Thoughts

These were the five best SMGs in CoD Mobile. Remember, the game is constantly getting updates, and guns are always getting buffed or nerfed, so the placement of some guns on this list might change when the next season launches.