The three best duospears in Dragon’s Dogma 2 for early, mid, and late game

The three best duospears in Dragon’s Dogma 2 for early, mid, and late game
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One of Dragon’s Dogma 2’s most powerful Vocation’s relies on the best duospears to make it work. Fusing offensive magic, mobility, and defensive capabilities, these weapons will make your Arisen overpowered beyond belief, and fast.

What are the best duospears in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Duospears are weapons recently introduced in the Dragon’s Dogma franchise, having not been in Dark Arisen at all. They can be wielded only by the Arisen, and only by those learned in the art of the Mystic Spearhand too.

You are given the Initiate’s Blade to begin with, a pretty standard and unremarkable introduction to duospears. Pretty quickly you can find much better duospears, the Infernal Edge, for one. It doesn’t stop there though, there’s some fantastic duospears to be found in Battahl and Vernworth, and here they are.

The Infernal Edge is the best early game duospear

You will find the Infernal Edge while completing Oskar’s quest; Tolled to Rest. You will find Oskar just outside of the Ancient Battleground, a forgotten tower leading to the Mountain Shrine. It’s in a chest on the second floor, though you will need to have grabbed the Ancient Battleground Key from Oskar, which is given after you clear the dungeon with him.

My Arisen wielding the Infernal Edge, one of the best greatswords in Dragon's Dogma 2.
Captured by VideoGamer – My Arisen wielding the Infernal Edge.

Sporting an attack Strength of 199, Magick of 199, and Slash of 100, the Infernal Edge is going to tear apart early-game enemies with relative ease.

While it’s a little bit of a long-run to pick up the Infernal Edge early on, it’s not that difficult to get there from either Vernworth or Checkpoint Rest Town. Below, I’ve marked the map with red from Checkpoint Rest Town, and Blue from Vernworth. It’s much easier and quicker heading there from the former, though it’s slightly harder to reach to begin with.

Map on the way to the Ancient Battleground, where you can unlock one of the best duospears in Dragon's Dogma 2.
Captured by VideoGamer – The route to the Ancient Battleground.

The Rhewynt is a monster of a mid-game duospear, but it’s expensive

✓ Amaar’s Advice

Miser’s die early.

If you have 68,000 Gold lying about – consider investing it in your Mystic Spearhand’s duospear. Brokkrs Smithy in Bakbattahl will sell this weapon to you, though you will need to complete a few quests before you can buy it. You’re going to have to complete the Seat of the Sovran quest in Vernworth to unlock the Dulled Steel, Cold Forge sidequest, which is a simple task really.

The Rhewynt is going to sport a strength of 380, alongside Magick of 380 too. With a Slash strength of 100, and Knockdown of 261, this is by far the best mid-game weapon you can unlock. In fact, paired with the Mystic Spearhand’s combat abilities, this is probably the best overall weapon in the game to carry you all the way into the endgame. After that, you start running around with Dragon weapons from the Dragonforge, and they’re a different beast entirely.

The best late game weapon for slaying Dragons and Drakes

After you finish up most of the main quest, and you’re gearing up for the endgame, you’re going to have access to the Dragonforge. This is going to unlock plenty of weapons capable of dealing ludicrous damage to Drakes and Dragons, making it perfect for the endgame. The Lindworm Fang can be purchased from the Bay Wayside Shrine’s Dragonforger, and will cost you 110 Wyrmslife Crystals.

While it’s difficult to get hold of, when it’s in your hands all enemies will fold to your will. With a Strength of 430, the best duospear in Dragon’s Dogma 2 also dons a Magick abliity of 405. It’s Slash is 100, while the knockdown power is 283. When you head into New Game Plus with this weapon, the game’s going to feel easy for you.

List of all duospears in Dragon’s Dogma 2

There’s a total of ten duospears in Dragon’s Dogma 2, and most of them are not all that hard to find.

Initiate’s Blade1201201001551.6N/A
Percipient Blade1651651001871.87
Infernal Edge (Fire Elemental)1991991002192.2
Fool’s Prize2262251002072.36
Tail Trimmer2402401002552.7
Wing’s Asunder2882881002353.3
Soul of Antiquity3263261002272.67
Dead Ringer3553551002754.19
Rhewynt (Ice Elemental)3803801002613.27
Lindworm Fang4304051002833.44

We’ve listed all of the duospears available above. Only two of them are powered by elemental buffs – the Infernal Edge and Rhewynt. Since duospears are so light, it’s not a bad idea to carry multiple around with you. This would let you choose between what kind of elemental type advantage you’d like to employ.

Can other Vocations use duospears in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Unfortunately, the only vocation that can use duospears in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is the Mystic Spearhand. It can be unlocked after revisiting Melve and fighting the Drake, though the game will naturally lead you along this path.