Best greatswords in Dragon’s Dogma 2 – all two-handed swords and how to get them

Best greatswords in Dragon’s Dogma 2 – all two-handed swords and how to get them
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If your Arisen or Pawn is rocking the Warrior vocation, you’re going to want to hook them up with the best greatswords in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Greatswords deal immense damage and you will see your enemies health turn to dust with a single strike. While they they can turn the tide of battle in an instant, staggering your foes off-balance pretty quickly, they’re also quite cumbersome. Alongside choosing the best greatsword, we’d recommend learning how to increase your max carry weight so you’re not too heavy.

What are the best greatswords in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

There are eight greatswords in Dragon’s Dogma 2, each offering a varied playstyle and moveset. Most of the Dragon-weapons are not unlockable until the endgame, though there’s plenty of fantastic options to use until then. The Ogresbane, for example, or the Gryphic Victory.

The War Blade is the best early game greatsword

Captured by VideoGamer - The War Blade in Dragon's Dogma 2, one of the best greatswords.
Captured by VideoGamer – The War Blade in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

The War Blade is available pretty early on in the game. As soon as you reach Vernworth you’re going to be able to head on over to Rodrick’s Smithy. This vendor is found in the main square, and the weapon is going to cost you 15,400 Gold. While we recommend this early on in the game, you might not even have unlocked the Warrior Vocation yet, which you can do by completing the Vocation Frustration quest that Klaus proscribes from the guild hall. On top of that, the cost is pretty steep.

For mid-game builds, the Ogresbane and the Gryphic Victory are the best greatswords

The Ogresbane is the best mid-game greatsword, though it’s a lot harder to find than most others. It’s rocking a base damage of 230, which is going to climb drastically after a few upgrades. Similarly, there’s a phenomenal knockdown of 304, which will send even the biggest enemies into a stupor. As expected from a weapon that deals so much damage, it weighs 8.5KGs.

If you start again with a New Game Plus, this weapon could become seriously useful against some of the early-game Ogres that can cause a bit of a problem.

How to get the Ogresbane in Dragon’s Dogma 2

The good thing is that there’s a 16% chance of finding one after killing a Lost Mercenary and a 17% chance after killing a Grim Ogre.

Gryphic Victory is the best late-game greatsword

Before you reach the endgame, you’re going to need a powerful weapon to carry you there. The Gryphic Victory fills that void, sporting 272 Strength and an unbelievably light carry weight. Like a feather, you might be thinking.

Yet, the Gryphic Victory is only available from Awaran’s Arms in Bakbattahl, and it’s going to cost you 36,600 Gold to pick it up.

The best greatsword in the entire game is the Dragon’s Bite

If you’re looking for a late game weapon that’s going to wipe out all of the Dragons and Drakes you’ve had to avoid so far, then the Dragon’s Bite is going to fill that void pretty aptly. It’s wielding a 380 Strength, though there’s a knockdown of 412 alongside a weight of 9.31KGs.

The Dragon’s Bite is available to buy from the Bay Wayside Shrine, though you will only be able to buy it in the endgame.

List of all greatswords in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon’s Bite3801004129.31N/A
Gryphic Victory2721002796.8936,600
War Blade1401002094.8815,400
Wounded Heart3081003178.6848,000

These are all of the greatswords you can get in Dragon’s Dogma 2, though there’s also plenty of Hammers that you can fit your Warrior out with too. Most of the greatswords are available from vendors found throughout Vernworth and Battahl, though you’re going to need to have amassed a decent amount of Gold before then.

If you’re curious about switching up your vocation, it’s a good idea to consider what the best daggers are for your Thief builds,

That’s as much as we have on the best greatswords in Dragon’s Dogma 2. The Warrior vocation is one of the most fun classes to play as in Dragon’s Dogma 2, sporting a brilliantly high damage output. Equally, it’s a great vocation to kit your Pawn out with so you can hang back and poke enemies, while they fly in and smash foes through the roof.

Are greatswords better than hammers in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Generally, the greatswords in Dragon’s Dogma 2 deal plenty more damage than hammers, though the biggest difference is the native elemental affinities that some hammers have. The Cinderspine and Cyclopean Thunder, for example, are fire and ice elementals respectively.

Do greatswords slow you down in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Only Warriors wield Greatswords in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Most Warriors were Fighters to begin with, who generally have a larger distribution of Carry Base Capacity. So while they are heavy, and they swing slower than other weapons, they won’t generally affect your running speed.