Apex Legends Breakout rewards guide – how to unlock free Legendary Wraith skin

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Want to know what are the Apex Legends Breakout rewards and how to earn them? Read on. Apex Legends is about to kick off its 20th season, an impressive feat for any battle royale. The milestone also coincides with the battle royale shooter’s fifth anniversary – and so Respawn is giving away a bunch of rewards for its dedicated fans.

There’s actually a whole gamut of rewards up for grabs Some of these will be available through the game’s usual Battle Pass – with 60 levels of tiers to collect. But there’s also going to be a regular schedule of free items as a number of legends are unlocked for free for a limited time. If you complete challenges with them – you’ll get to keep them forever!

Here then, we’ll break down the schedule, and exactly what’s on offer.

Apex Legends Breakout Rewards – which Legends will be free and when?

Here’s the list of legends and when they’ll be available. Each Legend’s specific challenges will only be revealed once they are unlocked, so keep coming back to find out more.

  • February 13 – Seer
  • February 27 – Fuse
  • March 12 – Rampart
  • March 26 – Mad Maggie
  • April 9 – Loba
  • April 23 – Valkyrie

Completing each set of challenges will permanently unlock that Legend for use. You’ll also earn the following number of stars towards your Battle Pass:

  • Seer – 30 BP Stars
  • Fuse – 30 BP Stars
  • Rampart – 45 BP Stars
  • Mad Maggie – 45 BP Stars
  • Loba – 58 BP Stars
  • Valkyrie – 58 BP Stars

For completing all six sets of challenges, you’ll be able to claim the following prize:

  • Runaway Renegade Wraith Legendary Skin

Apex Legends Breakout Banner Rewards

For reaching certain milestones of your Breakout Battle Pass, you’ll unlock an additional reward of an exclusive Featured Banner. Here’s what levels you’ll unlock one of these banners.

  • Level 10 – ‘Moth to the Spotlight’ Banner
  • Level 20 – ‘Boombastic’ Banner
  • Level 30 – ‘Bang! Bang! Bang!’ Banner
  • Level 40 – ‘Televised Revolution’ Banner
  • Level 50 – ‘Mine All Mine’ Banner
  • Level 60 – ‘Amazing Aviation’ Banner

Be sure to collect every single Featured Banner, and you’ll be able to claim the following prize:

  • ‘Royal Stage’ Wraith Banner Frame

Apex Legends Breakout Free Gifts

You’ll also get a number of free items you’re encouraged to give away to your friends. Once again, these are on a timed basis – so here’s what you get and when – each skin corresponds to the free Legend available that week.

  • Feb 13
    • Inner Flow Skin (Seer)
    • Showtime Sticker
  • Feb 27
    • Bomb Fit Skin (Fuse)
    • Bringing the Boom Sticker
  • March 12
    • Born to Dye Skin (Rampart)
    • Bang! Sticker
  • March 28
    • Queen of Punk Skin (Mad Maggie)
    • Verbal Assault Sticker
  • April 8
    • Black Diamond Skin (Loba)
    • Queen’s Hoard Sticker
  • April 23
    • Shooting Star Skin (Valkyrie)
    • Cloudbreaker Sticker

Gift at least six or more of these items to friends, and you’ll earn the following bonus reward. Also note that gifting a Breakout Battle Pass also counts as one gift towards this prize.

  • Legendary Sticker and Rare Tracker Set

Apex Legends Breakout ultimate reward

If you manage to claim all three of the above bonus prizes – the Wraith Legendary Skin, the Matching Wraith Banner Frame and the Legendary Sticker and Rare Tracker set – then you’ll be able to claim the big prize:

  • ‘Top Tier’ Reactive Flatline Skin
Image courtesy of EA

Hopefully, that should set you in good stead to earn all the rewards in the new Apex Legends Breakout Season. For more on the game, check out our Apex Legends guides for each character, including our Apex Legends Bloodhound guide and our Best graphics settings for Apex Legends.

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