All Starfield bugs and how to fix them

All Starfield bugs and how to fix them
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If you’ve been playing Starfield and have been encountering bugs and errors, here’s a full list including what they mean.

The first few days of Starfield’s launch indicated that the game might not be as notoriously buggy as other Bethesda games. However, with a little bit more time, and the global release extending the player-base fully, it’s now becoming apparent that there’s quite a few bugs, errors, and performance related issues floating around.

Starfield bugs and errors list

Here’s a few of Starfield’s notable bugs and errors, including what we think they mean.

ErrorQuick Fix
CrashingGraphics update
Low FPSPerformance optimisations
Audio not workingNo solution
Building ShadersRecompile graphics shaders
Failed to create save gamesAllow Starfield through Anti-Virus
Graphics card does not meet minimum requirementGraphics drivers update
Unable to log inReboot network
Headless character bugOpen and close the Hand Scanner
“Cannot fast travel at this time” in New AtlantisDeplete O2 completely (weird fix, I know)
Floating crew membersFast travel away and return

This is only a handful of the issues that Starfield has been encountering (at least in terms of bugs and errors.) We’re not sure when exactly the next Starfield patch might arrive, though it’s likely that a few of these issues might be ironed out slightly. Or not. Bethesda’s history tells us that they don’t mind a glitch here and there. Oftentimes, these bugs build the spine of the game’s character, and they are almost enough to be considered beloved parts of the game.

Funny Starfield bugs

There’s a few freak Starfield bugs and glitches that aren’t being widely reported on. While they’re not game-breaking, nor wide-spread enough to be considered an issue, they are really funny.

For example, there’s a bug with Vasco giving the companion robot the ability to fly.

While it would be cool and quite useful if the companion could actually fly, this isn’t a built in feature to the game. Similarly, there’s a few other issues with random NPCs just floating around in-game.

We’re going to be keeping an eye out for the latest Starfield bugs, though in the meantime you might be interested in checking out the best graphics settings, or having a look at our performance benchmarks.

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