Starfield audio cutting out – how to fix audio issues

Starfield audio cutting out – how to fix audio issues
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If you’re experiencing the Starfield audio cutting out, you’re gonna want to know how to fix it, right?

Bethesda Studios’ interplanetary saga has arrived to widespread acclaim, and fans are getting stuck in as much as they can amidst audio issues. With ultrawide support confirmed and early access in full swing, Starfield has been pretty smooth sailing, for now. The usual culprits of low FPS and stuttering have been causing a bit of mayhem, though the issue of audio cutting out is definitely a downer on the Starfield experience. Extra condolences go out to anyone who bought a Starfield Limited Edition headset.

Some people can’t hear the footsteps of their character, while others are experiencing audio lag, despite a stable FPS and all. Fingers crossed we get a fix from Bethesda soon. In the meantime, we’ve listed some possible solutions to fix the Starfield audio cutting out.

How to fix Starfield audio cutting out

There are a few possible solutions if you’re Starfield audio is cutting out. If nothing works, wait for a patch or update from Bethesda Studios. We recommend keeping an eye on their socials to be amongst the first to hear. Before launching into these solutions, make sure you’ve checked both your in-game and Windows Audio settings (if you’re playing on PC).

Disable VSync, Motion Blur and VRS

This might not be the perfect fix, but it’s a quick and easy way to make the game perform better. You can also try lowering your game settings alongside this fix.

Make sure you downloaded Starfield on an SSD

Apparently, some users who downloaded Starfield did so on an HDD, and this could be why the audio is cutting out – weird right? Anyway, maybe invest in an SSD for Starfield to solve the issue. The game takes up 125GB of storage, and you’ll need to uninstall it from your HDD first. Over on Reddit this solutions appears to be a popular one.

Restart Starfield

The old on/off technique is always worth a try, right? Save your progress and restart the game.

Lower your graphics settings

Audio problems may have arisen because your setup can’t handle the graphics settings you’ve chosen. Obviously, you want to be ambitious with a game like Starfield, but if your components are a little old, try playing at low settings.

Update your graphics driver

If you haven’t recently checked for updates, it may be because your graphics driver is out of date.

If none of that’s worked, then that is a big shame. Don’t worry though, we’re in early days and a patch is probably on the way soon.