Ashe Overwatch 2 – Everything you need to know

Ashe Overwatch 2 – Everything you need to know
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There are 35 heroes in Overwatch 2, and with so many to choose from it can be a bit overwhelming. Each one of the heroes falls into a class that separates them from the others. These classes are tanks that soak damage for the team, support characters that heal and keep their team in the fight, and DPS that deal damage to the enemy team. Each role is important, and within each of those roles are different heroes. Each hero has a unique playstyle and abilities that can help their team turn the tide. Ashe is a midrange DPS hero that rewards player skills with powerful effects. Here is everything players need to know about playing Ashe in Overwatch 2.

Who is Ashe in Overwatch 2?

Ashe can be a powerhouse in Overwatch 2. When used correctly, she can dish out the pain to enemy teams quickly. As the leader of the Deadlock Gang, she sports the classic cowgirl gunslinger look. This look isn’t just for show either, armed with her rifle, Viper, she is able to take down foes with ease with a weapon that varies between hip fire and ADS. Though she excels in mid-long-range combat, she has multiple tools that can allow her to put the hurt on anyone who gets too close. Her mobility is important to her kit, but if she gets caught in close range without her movement ability, she can greatly suffer. Here are the best ways to use Ashe’s abilities and take down the opposing team.

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DPS characters were reworked in Overwatch 2

With Overwatch 2, the game was reworked to be different than it was in Overwatch. This started with the classic team composition, which was reduced from 6v6 to 5v5. This means that there is one less tank on each team. To compensate for this, all classes of heroes were given beneficial passive abilities. For DPS heroes, this ability makes it so that when a DPS hero gets a takedown on an enemy, they gain increased movement speed and reload speed for 2.5 seconds. This ability does not stack, but getting additional eliminations does reset the cooldown.

In addition, DPS players also retain 30% of their ultimate charge when switching heroes. This gives them a lot more room to switch up their strategy when needed.

Ashe’s abilities in Overwatch 2

Ashe Weapons and Abilities

Ashe hasn’t had too many changes going over from Overwatch to Overwatch 2. In fact, while she did receive some cosmetic changes to her character, she remains largely the same, save for some reduction in the health of her Ultimate Ability, B.O.B. Because of this, players who used her in Overwatch will feel right at home carrying over to Overwatch 2. Those who are new to Ashe will be able to dominate with her after a bit of practice. By learning and using her abilities correctly, they will be able to deal a lot of damage to the opposing team and help secure the win.

The Viper

The Viper is Ashe’s signature weapon in Overwatch 2. This is a lever-action repeater, which can deal heavy damage in the right hands. The gun features two firing modes. In the hip-firing mode, the weapon fires much faster but deals less damage. In the ADS firing mode, the gun does fire slower, but the damage is higher. In addition, Ashe can jump and move around in ADS mode as well, but at a slower rate.

Viper fires differently than most guns, due to being a lever-action repeater. This means that the gun does not fire automatically, and players must fire each shot individually. In addition, there is no magazine on this weapon, each bullet is loaded one at a time. For players who are out of ammo, this means reloading the entire magazine will take time. However, a benefit to this is that players can stop the reloading animation at any time, and begin firing again, even without loading the magazine to full.


In classic cowgirl fashion, Ashe packs a punch with a bundle of dynamite. When used, this ability has Ashe throw the bundle of dynamite with the fuse lit. After a set period of time, the dynamite will explode, dealing damage to any targets hit and also setting them on fire. Any target that is on fire will also burn, taking damage over time. The burn can be removed by picking up a health pack. 

In addition, one of the main tricks to playing Ashe effectively is learning to shoot the dynamite. Shooting it will cause it to explode instantly, and players can throw dynamite and shoot it out of the air to deal massive damage to closely grouped players. Dynamite has a cooldown of 12 seconds after each use.

Coach Gun

The Coach Gun, which is basically just a shotgun Ashe keeps on her at all times, allows players to quickly blast enemies. With each blast of the Coach Gun, players will blast their target backward, similar to Lucio’s Soundwave. On top of knocking the target back, Coach Gun also pushes Ashe back, leading to some excellent mobility uses. This ability is great for gaining distance from any target that gets too close. However, if Ashe is left without this ability, she can be punished for it in close range. Coach Gun has a cooldown of 10 seconds after each use.


Ashe’s Ultimate Ability is called B.O.B. and it summons her companion B.O.B. to do her bidding and assist her in combat. When used, B.O.B. will jump down in front of Ashe, and rush in the direction she is looking. When B.O.B. hits a wall or an enemy, or simply travels the maximum distance of 65 yards, he will stop and begin firing his arm-mounted machine guns. In this way, he acts as a turret that can deal damage to enemies very quickly. With the changes to B.O.B. from Overwatch, his health was reduced from 1200 to 1000, making him slightly easier for enemies to destroy. B.O.B. can be healed, buffed, or debuffed, and can even count as a player for capturing objectives. Therefore, players should carefully plan how they are going to use their Ultimate in order to have the greatest benefit.

Tips for using Ashe in Overwatch 2

One of the main things that players who pick Ashe will want to do in Overwatch 2, is learn to stay at a specific range. While Ashe is capable of dealing damage at longer ranges, she is not as good as a sniper at doing the job. She is best at mid-range where she can take shots at enemy targets and use her mobility to keep her distance. She is capable of doing damage very quickly but can be defeated very quickly if enemies get too close. 

Players should also take care not to get caught off guard with no bullets in her gun, as reloading takes a decent amount of time to finish. She is best when she can pop in and out of cover and has help from a support or a good tank distracting the enemy.

Pick Ashe and deal lots of damage in Overwatch 2

When players want a versatile DPS character, Ashe can fit the bill. She is capable of doing a lot of damage to enemy teams. Though she can come with a steep learning curve of learning her effective range and the use of her abilities, practice with her can make her a force to be reckoned with. Choose Ashe and let her and B.O.B. guide the team to victory in Overwatch 2!