Baptiste Overwatch 2 – Everything you need to know

Baptiste Overwatch 2 – Everything you need to know
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Overwatch 2 is a fantastic first-person shooter that is team-based and features a roster of 35 different heroes to play as. Each one of these heroes brings their own unique and interesting weapons, abilities, and personalities into the fray. On top of having unique characters, players must also choose a role that they wish to perform in combat. These roles include tanks that shield their team from harm, supports that heal and protect their team and DPS that dish out damage to enemies. Baptiste is a support character that can not only heal his team but actively prevent them from dying with his ultimate ability. Here is everything that players need to know about playing Baptiste in Overwatch 2.

Who is Baptiste in Overwatch 2?

Baptiste is a combat medic who uses experimental technology to augment his abilities. He is easily recognizable by the extremely large boots he wears. These boots, called Exo Boots, give him the ability to jump extremely high, which gives him a lot of mobility as a support character. In addition, Baptiste can use his offensive fire to strike down the enemy team while keeping his own alive. Knowing the proper usage of his abilities are key to helping to protect his team and lead them to victory. Here are all of the abilities Baptiste can use in Overwatch 2.

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Support character rework in Overwatch 2

There were some major changes to the way that team compositions were made in Overwatch 2. Originally, the matches consisted of 6v6 matches, but in Overwatch 2, they are now 5v5. With these changes, there was a reduction of 1 tank on each team. This means there is more pressure on the supports to keep everyone alive. The good news is that support heroes receive a beneficial passive ability that restores their health over time after not taking damage for a few seconds. This greatly helps heroes like Baptiste, as previously they had to use their limited abilities or find health packs to heal up.

Baptiste’s abilities in Overwatch 2

Baptiste Weapons and Abilities

Baptiste got a few enhancements to his abilities for Overwatch 2. In addition to the stellar passive that helps him survive, he has seen some improvements to his active abilities that can help him perform a bit better this time around. Baptiste was already a strong character but has a higher learning curve than some other healers. Knowing how and when to use his abilities is paramount to success with Baptiste, and by reading below, players can enhance their skills with him and help to propel their team to victory.

Exo Boots

One of the benefits of playing Baptiste is access to quick and easy mobility. Baptiste has a passive called Exo Boots that when the player holds the crouch button, the Exo Boots will charge up. When the player jumps next, they will be propelled much higher than normal. The boots take a bit to charge and will retain their charge for 1 second after release. This ability can help Baptiste to get the high ground or simply rain down his healing abilities from above.

Biotic Launcher

The Biotic Launcher is Baptiste’s weapon of choice. It is a capable assault weapon that has two different firing modes. In its first mode, players can fire the Biotic Launcher in a 3-round burst. This can do decent damage to the enemy at ranges of 25 yards or less. This means Baptiste should not try to engage at longer ranges. The primary fire of Biotic Launcher contains 45 rounds before needing to be reloaded.

In addition to the Biotic Launcher’s primary fire, its namesake comes from the secondary fire option. By using the secondary fire, players will launch special healing grenades. These grenades will heal allies doing 70 healing on a direct hit and 50 to anyone in the explosion’s radius. However, players should note that Baptiste cannot heal himself with these grenades. In addition, anyone with full life will have the grenade pass straight through them to heal other players. The Biotic Launcher was recently upgraded to hold 13 rounds instead of 10 in Overwatch 2.

Baptiste can fire his primary and secondary fire at the same time.

Regenerative Burst

Using Regenerative Burst is Baptiste’s way of healing not only himself but the players around him. When used, Regenerative Burst creates an area that is 10 yards wide. Any players within this area including Baptiste will be healed for 100 HP over the duration for allies and 150 HP over the duration for Baptiste. The healing effect takes 5 seconds to completely work and has a cooldown of 13 seconds per use.

Immortality Field

Perhaps Baptiste’s best signature ability, the Immortality Field is a thrown device that when used, prevents any allies inside of a 6.5-meter radius around it from dying. Those who are inside of the field cannot be reduced below 10% life (unless they enter the field under the negative effects of a Biotic Grenade) and cannot die while the field is active. However, the field only lasts a certain amount of time and is controlled by a generator that Baptiste throws out that can be targeted. This means that the field can be destroyed prematurely, and anyone inside of it who is at low life can be easily killed. 

Players inside of the immortality field can be healed, however, Baptiste will not generate additional Ultimate for doing so.

Amplification Matrix

Amplification Matrix is Baptiste’s Ultimate Ability. When used, it increases all incoming and outgoing allied projectiles that pass through it at 100% additional damage. This does not mean that it doubles all damage bonuses, however. As an example, when Mercy gives a 30% damage bonus, combined with Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix would only be 130%, not 160%. 

The Amplification Matrix lasts for 10 seconds and can be destroyed by EMP. Players should be careful to use it when they need a quick way to gain a lot of additional damage for pushing forwards.

Tips for using Baptiste in Overwatch 2

The best way to play Baptiste is to use a combination of his ability to use both his firing methods at the same time as well as his mobility. A great way to do this is to always be crouching when attacking an enemy. This way, when they rush towards Baptiste, the player can simply jump out of the way. In addition, players can use the Exo Boots to reach very hard to get to areas for other players. This can help players to get out of an otherwise sticky situation.

Players should proactively use Immortality Field as well as Regenerative Burst in order to win team fights. By sticking together, Baptiste can easily heal up his team with grenades as well as Regenerative Burst and help them achieve victory.

Play Baptiste to heal the team to victory in Overwatch 2

For those who are looking for a slightly different healing experience of damage mixed with mobility and healing, Baptiste is a solid choice. Though he has a bit of a learning curve, with the changes made to support passives, he has more sustain than he has ever had before. This should make him a powerhouse in the right hands and with careful play he can bring back teams from the jaws of defeat and secure victory in Overwatch 2.