Bastion Overwatch 2 -Everything you need to know

Bastion Overwatch 2 -Everything you need to know
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With 35 heroes in the current roster and growing, there are certainly a lot of variables when it comes to choosing a hero to play as in Overwatch 2. Not only does each of the individual characters have their own signature abilities and personality, but they are also divided into class roles. These are the tanks, who defend their team from danger, support characters who help to keep their team healed, and DPS who deal damage to the opposing team. Each one of these characters fills a specific spot and knowing how to play them effectively can make a big difference. Bastion is a DPS hero in Overwatch 2 who has been significantly reworked. Here is everything players need to know about playing Bastion effectively in Overwatch 2.

Who is Bastion in Overwatch 2?

Bastion has always been sort of an oddity in Overwatch. As a damage-dealing character, he was either much too strong or too weak. This is because over the years he has gone through many reworks, including having a shield and even gaining the ability to heal himself. Bastion’s whole gimmick was turning from a robot into a tank with a minigun attached or a rocket launcher during his ultimate. In Overwatch 2, this fine line between too much and too little power was re-evaluated and hence Bastion was completely reworked into a brand new kit that fits the theme of his character. Learning to use these new abilities is key to becoming a master of DPS.

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DPS characters received a rework in Overwatch 2

In addition to Bastion receiving a rework to his entire kit, all characters went through a rework depending on the type of class they were in. This is because, in Overwatch 2, matches are now 5v5 instead of the 6v6 they were in Overwatch. This means there is one less tank per team, and to compensate for this, each role received special passive abilities. For DPS, such as Bastion, this passive ability grants players a 25% bonus to movement speed and reload speed for a short period of time after killing a player. This effect does not stack, but getting additional kills does restart the timer.

Bastion’s abilities in Overwatch 2

Bastion Weapons and Abilities

Since Bastion was changed to fit more of his hero fantasy, he may still feel familiar to players who have played him in Overwatch. However, the new way that his abilities feel gives him a refreshing spin on the classic gameplay of simply turning into a turret and blasting away. For those who are looking to deal serious burst damage, learning to use Bastion is a good start towards leading their team to victory.

Configuration: Recon

Bastion has a special ability to be able to transform himself into different configurations. While in these configurations, he is able to move at different rates and his weapon is different as well. In Configuration: Recon, Bastion is able to walk as normal and moves at a normal speed. He fires a slower firing weapon, but as such is able to move to get a vantage point to unleash his fantastic alternate firing mode.

Configuration: Sentry gives Bastion 35 rounds in his weapon.


Previously, Bastion was able to use the ability Reconfigure to transform into a minigun turret and stay that way pretty much indefinitely. The tradeoff was that Bastion could not move. Although, he was able to heal himself. Transforming took just a few short seconds and he could be dishing out eye-watering damage. Now, while Bastion is still able to do Reconfigure, he is not able to stay in Turret form (known as Configuration: Sentry) indefinitely. However, he can now move during it although, very slowly.

Configuration: Sentry

Bastion is a master of transformation. Because of this, transforming into new configurations is a key component of his gameplay. When the player uses Reconfigure to transform into Configuration: Sentry, they will transform into the same sentry turret he used to turn into, except now it is on a timer and he can move. This is a huge buff to the burst damage potential of Bastion and can allow him to scout out the perfect place to make his ambush.

Configuration: Sentry gives Bastion 300 rounds in his weapon.

A-36 Tactical Grenade

A refreshing new ability for Bastion, the A-36 Tactical Grenade allows the player to fire a sticky grenade that detonates after a short period of time, or instantly upon hitting a player. When the grenade is used it also knocks players back. This can be utilized by Bastion to enable him to reach high out-of-the-way places and get a better vantage point for switching to Configuration: Sentry. In addition, Bastion can use this grenade to get out of a bad situation and create some breathing room between himself and an enemy.

Configuration: Artillery

Bastion’s Ultimate Ability previously transformed him into a tank when he could drive around and fire at enemies for a short period of time. However, now it transforms Bastion into the ultimate mobile artillery system. When used, Bastion will be able to transform into an artillery mode, which allows him to fire 3 shells that deal heavy damage to any targets they hit. These can be launched at any location on the map, however, if the enemy has enough notice, they can easily move out of the way. Because of this, careful planning and execution of the firing of the artillery are paramount to ensure players can net some eliminations with this ultimate ability.

Tips for using Bastion in Overwatch 2

Bastion is able to switch up his approach on the fly, which means he can be a versatile addition to any team. With the new and improved abilities, Bastion can reach out of the way places and really lay down suppressing fire to anyone unfortunate enough to be in his way. While he no longer has access to the healing abilities from Overwatch, his newfound mobility using his tactical ability as well as being able to move in Configuration: Sentry allows him to fight in ways never seen before.

Players who want to improve with Bastion should get used to timing their bursts of fire to ensure they are doing the maximum amount of damage possible. Bastion works best with a character who can boost up their damage, such as Mercy or Ana.

Bastion can transform any team into a winning one

With so much going for him, Bastion is sure to compliment any team. The combination of mobility, mixed with raw burst damage is sure to win over players. In addition, when he is transformed into a Configuration, he will take 20% less damage with the Ironclad ability. This means that he is not as squishy as some of his bursty DPS counterparts. Pick up Bastion today and reconfigure any situation into a good one with this transforming robot in Overwatch 2.