Is LG C2 bright enough?

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If you’re wondering if the LG C2 is bright enough – we’ve got you covered right here.

The LG C2 has an ‘EVO-OLED’ panel driving it’s display. OLED panels are well known for their perfect blacks and high contrast ratios. The TV and Monitor expert from our friends at WePC has said this about OLED panels:

“[They] can only push around 350 nits of brightness … and while this is great for contrast, it doesn’t offer nearly as much power as a large CCFL backlight.”

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According to DisplaySpecifications, the LG C2 has recorded 200 cd/m2, which aligns with WePC’s review specification of 204.2 cd/m2.

This is where some concerns that the LG C2 underperforms in bright rooms are raised. Interestingly, the Expert Mode has a ‘Bright Room’ pre-set which has a candela of 160 cd/m2, which is lower than the standard pre-set.

However, as a frame of reference, the Samsung S95B also records a maximum brightness of 200 cd/m2. Identical the LG C2, it’s clear that the upper-limit for OLED TVs in terms of brightness is quite low. This doesn’t mean that they’re not bright enough – as the screen visibility can be enhanced by other factors.

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All of these statistics and raw data don’t reflect the TVs brightness performance in real scenarios. Thanks to the deep blacks, infinite contrast ratio, and expansive viewing angles, the TV actually makes itself known in bright rooms without simply upping the brightness.

With this in mind, seeing the LG C2 for yourself will make a world of difference and prove to you that the LG C2 is in fact bright enough.

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