Is LG C2 12-bit?

Is LG C2 12-bit?
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If you’re wondering if the LG C2 is 12-bit – we have an answer for you. It can be, but only some TV set-ups and configurations allow for it.

The LG C2 specs list each video-decoder as maxing out at 10-bit, however there’s some circumstances which you can enable 12-bit color processing at times. For example, if you’re using HDMI 2.0 and are maxing out resolution at 1440p or 1080p – you can enable 12-bit color processing on the LG C2. If you’re also hoping to use the LG C2 at 120Hz – you can only enable 12-bit color processing with 1080p.

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While the TV does have the capabilities to display images with 12-bit color processing at lower resolutions – there’s little need for this as not many people will be performing intense graphical work such as image editing and video processing.

If you are using 12-bit color processing on your LG C2 at 1080p – you might be slightly worried about how the resolution looks on the screen. Fortunately, the processor inside the LG C2 allows for resolution upscaling to make 1080p images look higher resolution. This is less of a use-case for graphic designers, but might be better for gamers whose consoles can’t perform at 4K, but still want to experience ultra-high resolution gameplay.

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If you’re still on the fence about the LG C2, WePC have a in depth review we recommend checking out. And with the LG C3 is scheduled for release this year, 2023 may be one of the best times to grab an LG C2 for less!