Google Pixel 6a vs Pixel 7

Google Pixel 6a vs Pixel 7
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We’re considering the Google Pixel 6a vs Pixel 7 to find out which phone is best for you.

The Google Pixel 7 is the latest phone from Google, and one of the first to make use of their new Tensor 2 chipset. With a camera capable of competing with some of the best phones from Oppo and other competitors, it is certainly a formidable device.

The recent release date speculation around the Pixel 7a means that now is a good time to reflect on this performance and see how it shapes up versus other phones in the Pixel range, specifically the Pixel 6a.

These phones may be from different generations but they are both designed by Google and so look very similar from the outside, though, as a flagship phone, the Pixel 7 is higher-performing with superior specs across the board. We’ll be breaking these down in detail to see how just how much better they are compared to the more budget friendly Pixel 6a.

The key question to consider will be – does this higher performance justify the higher price? We’re going to do our best to answer that, giving you the information you need to make a decision that suits you. Let’s get stuck in.

Google Pixel 6a vs Pixel 7 – Specs

SpecsGoogle Pixel 6aGoogle Pixel 7
Display6.1-inch OLED6.3-inch OLED
Dimensions155.6 x 73.2 x 8.7 mm152.2 x 71.8 x 8.9 mm
Refresh rate60Hz90Hz
CPUTensorTensor 2
Storage128GB128GB, 256GB
Rear cameras12.2MP main, 1 x 12MP ultrawide50MP wide, 1 x 12MP ultrawide
Front camera8MP10.8MP
Battery4,410 mAh4,355 mAh
Charging speed18W30W

We’ll start off by going over some of the key differences between these phones, as these are what really matter when making your choice. Essentially the Pixel 7 is a higher-performing phone across the board, though these improvements are not always significant.

While both use the same OLED display technology, the Pixel 7’s screen is 25% brighter and has a higher refresh at 90Hz. It is the brightness that is perhaps more important here. This allows for the phone to be used easily even in the lightest conditions. The refresh rate mostly presents itself when gaming, though it does of course also smoothen out scrolling and general smartphone usage.

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The result of this faster and brighter display on battery life is worth considering, however. Despite the Pixel 7 having a larger battery at 4,4410 mAh, compared to the 6a’s 1,355 mAh, both actually perform similarly, thanks to the less demanding display of the 6a.

Camera quality is another area where the Pixel 7 dominates. Both are equipped with 2 rear cameras, a main one and an ultrawide one. The Pixel 7 has a far superior main camera, boasting 50MP versus just 12.2MP for the Pixel 6a, though the ultrawide one is the exact same resolution for both at 12MP.

The Pixel 7 also comes with the more up-to-date Tensor 2 chipset. However, the differences between it and the previous generation of Tensor chips are mild. There are some new features and improvements to energy efficiency, though the latter is still an area where the entire Pixel series underperforms compared to the competition.

Google Pixel 6a vs Pixel 7 – Design

Google didn’t change a tonne of physical aspects between the Pixel 6 and 7 generations. Both still feature the same overall design and feel, with a virtually bezel-less front screen, and the raised strip across the back, housing the two rear cameras. Though the Pixel 7 does do away with the two-tone colourway seen on the back panel of the 6a.

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The Pixel 7 is the larger of the two, coming in at 6.3 inches versus the Pixel 6a’s 6.1. Overall the visual impact is very similar, with both phones being stylish and sleek.

The Pixel 7 is also stronger. It has a Gorilla Glass Victus display, which is just slightly more durable than the Gorilla Glass 3 of the Pixel 6. This makes for an IP rating of 68, that pips the IP67 rating of the Pixel 6a

Google Pixel 6a vs Pixel 7 – Price

Finally, we have reached a category where the Pixel 6a is triumphant. Simply put it is cheaper. There are around $150 dollars between the two 128GB phones. However, unlike the 6a, the Pixel 7 is also available with a 256GB hard drive size. This will set you back another 100 bucks.

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It’s a hard call as to whether this makes the Pixel 6a better value. Considering the superior camera quality, brightness, refresh rate and more, plus the simple fact that it is a newer phone, many might expect the price discrepancy between the Pixel 7 and 6a to be more significant.

Which one should you go for?

These two phones offer a very similar price for performance, making the choice between them, not an easy one to make. In the end, it comes down to a balancing act between price and performance.

If you want one of the best cameras available on the smartphone market, a crisp display, a high refresh rate, and don’t mind paying for it, the Pixel 7 is one of the best phones out there.

However, the Pixel 6a’s camera is by no means disappointing and in terms of battery life and overall look, these two phones can’t be separated.

It’s also worth remembering that the Pixel 7a has been confirmed, and speculation has started around its release date. Because of this, if you don’t mind waiting, it might be worth seeing if the more budget-friendly Pixel 7 phone fits the right niche for you.

If you have made your choice, you can find links to buy both phones below.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Google Pixel 7 worth it?

The Google Pixel 7 offers great value, undercutting many phones in a similar performance range on price, with one of the best cameras available.

Does Pixel 6a have headphone jack?

No, just like all the phones in the Google Pixel 6 range, the Pixel 6a has no headphone jack.