Best Google Pixel 6 case in 2023 – card holders, kickstands and more

Best Google Pixel 6 case in 2023 –  card holders, kickstands and more
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Getting the best Google Pixel 6 case is the easiest way to protect your phone.

In the modern world where smartphones cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars, a single drop can cost you a lot, so it makes sense to invest well in protecting your device.

Even though there are plenty of great Google Pixel 6 alternatives and even speculation about the release date of the new Google Pixel 7a, many of us are more than happy with our sturdy Pixel 6. If you are confident you don’t want to upgrade anytime soon buying a case is a great way to protect your phone, increasing its overall longevity.

These cases don’t only help with durability either, many of the cases on this list complement the sleek and stylish design of the phone itself, allowing you to personalise your device. You can also get special cases designed to carry cards and cash, meaning you can leave your bulky wallet at home.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list covering the best cases in multiple different categories. We’re confident you’ll be able to find something that’s right for you.

Best Google Pixel 6 case

Best overall Google Pixel 6 case – Google Pixel 6 Case

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It comes as little surprise that Google has made one of the best and most stylish cases for their own phone. It takes a lot of its cues from the phone itself, with a sleek, simple design that manages to tick all the boxes for both form and function.

The dual-layer thermoplastic elastomer and polycarbonate materials offer significant shock protection. This is aided by the raised edges that specifically protect both the screen and camera. This material consists of over 30% post-consumer recycled plastic, meaning that you can buy a brand-new phone case without having to worry about the excess waste needed to make it.

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This is also a case built to compliment the look of the Google Pixel 6. Its translucent frost allows the phone itself to shine, while the 3 colour ways, cotton candy, light rain and storm sky, complement the different colour options of the phone itself.

There are also some nicer smaller touches like a microfiber interior. Wireless charging is also unaffected.

Best premium Google Pixel 6 case – TORRO Google Pixel 6 Leather Phone Case

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This premium case from Torro is one of the most stylish ways to keep your Pixel 6 safe.

As you can see from the image above, this is a quality and carefully hand crafted phone case. It is built from the finest luxury American leather, which is treated as least as possible. This creates the natural look of Torro’s leather cases, as well as maximising durability.

This material is put to good use too. The design of the case is brilliant, with a simple understated bull logo in one corner and matching vibrant red stitching.

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There’s plenty of functionality packed into the case as well. The raised lip around the perimeter of the inside grants space for both cards and bank notes This is achieved without putting your screen at risk should you drop your phone.

There is also a built-in stand, allowing your phone to sit vertically at a convenient viewing angle. This is all kept secure by a magnetic clasp, placed on the side to maintain the slim and sleek profile of the Pixel 6.

Best protective Google Pixel 6 case – Poetic Revolution Pixel 6 case

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This hardy case for Poetic provides protection for your Pixel from all angles, ensuring that every inch is safe. It achieves this with a two-part design.

The back section is built from a dual-layer sturdy plastic, with ample protrusion around the camera. This keeps the lens safe from drops and scratches without having to compromise on picture quality.

There is also a built-in stand which allows for both vertical and horizontal viewing, as well as a clip to protect the charging hole from water and dust.

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You have a choice with the front section of the case, two come when you purchase the case one with a built in screen cover and one without. If you go without, you can incorporate your own tempered glass cover, or forgo this extra layer of protection entirely. This offers the chance for even more protection, without increasing the price for those who prefer their screen uncovered.

The company has also put this case through its paces with military-grade drop tests, ensuring that the protection they boast is actually there.

Best Google Pixel 6 case with card holder – VRS Design Damda-Glide Wallet Case

Check price: VRS Design Damda-Glide Wallet Case on Amazon

This case is a perfect way to ditch your bulky wallet and protect your phone all at the same time.

We’ll start with the cardholder aspect of this case, as it is so well executed. It has a patented sliding back panel, that opens as you need it. This protects both from drops and would-be crooks trying to snatch at your cards.

There’d be plenty to grab at as well, with space for up to 4 cards plus extra bank notes, more than many similar cases are capable of carrying.

This sliding door is placed between two bits of real steel, which serve to further reinforce the phone inside from drops. Though this does add bulk and weight, it’s a small price to pay to be able to transport and protect your phone and wallet in one convenient and stylish case.

Best Google Pixel 6 case with stand – Hitaoyou Google Pixel 6 case

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This case from Hitaoyou also boasts full 360 protection for your Pixel 6, and without the need for a front panel. This is thanks to its raised edges around the perimeter of the phone, as well as a lip protecting the camera. These are all made from durable polycarbonate.

There are even more durable and rugged protective elements at the 4 corners, as this is often where the full impact of a drop is felt. To protect against this there is extra thick and shock-absorbent plastic in these areas.

There is also a simple and unique stand design which clicks in and out of the back of the case. This facilitates both horizontal and vertical hands-free viewing. As if that wasn’t enough there is a concealed card carrier, accessible by sliding back a plastic panel on the rear of the case.

Frequently asked questions

Does a Google Pixel 6 case affect wireless charging?

Cases can have an impact on the wireless charging abilities of the Google Pixel 6. This is because they can interfere with an electromagnetic field. Many cases won’t do this at all, though some thicker ones can actually block it completely.

Can I leave my Pixel 6 charging overnight?

Yes – the pixel has a special adaptive charging feature, with calibrates charging with your morning alarm, ensuring your phone is fully charged just before you wake up. This can help with long-term battery efficiency.

Will my Google Pixel 6 case fit other Google Pixel phones?

No – your Google Pixel 6 case won’t fit other Google phones.

Does Google Pixel 6 need case?

As with any smart phone, a case is a wise choice to protect it from potential bumps and scratches.