Google Pixel 7a release date all but confirmed

Google Pixel 7a release date all but confirmed
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The Google Pixel 7a release date has very recently been hinted at as May 11th.

The Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro released in late 2022, and they were well received thanks to their amicable prices. However, the Google Pixel 7a is the next model that we’re expecting to see.

Now confirmed via a tweet from the Google India Twitter, we know that we’re going to see a Google phone release in mid-May. However, there’s been no confirmation that this is actually going to be the Google Pixel 7a. We can, however, predict that it’s going to be the Google Pixel 7a.

When can we expect to hear more from Google?

The annual Google I/O event is normally when the company’s hardware releases are revealed, so we’ll hopefully see the Google Pixel 7a announced at the event. In fact, Android Authority have reportedly got their hands on a leaked roadmap detailing Google Pixel launch details for the next few years. While this alleged roadmap has not been published online, the website has suggested that the Google Pixel 7a “will launch around Google I/O in April or May.”

With this in mind, we can hope to see the Google Pixel 7a release in the early summer of this year. However, until we see an official confirmation from Google themselves we can only view this as a prediction, and not hard fact.

January has been an exciting month for tech releases and announcements – with CES 2023 beginning the year with plenty of reveals. Google’s presentation was quiet – revealing software for Chromebooks and wearables. It’s likely that they’re saving their major hardware presentations for Google I/O in the summer, so expect the later half of the year to be filled with their latest announcements.

Until then, our Samsung Galaxy S23 price prediction will satiate any smart-phone cravings you might have.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for an information on the Google Pixel 7a’s release date, price, specs, and any important leaks and rumours that we think will provide us with some more intel.