Best Google Pixel 7 Pro case in 2024 – picks from Spigen, OtterBox and more

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It’s a good idea to get the best Google Pixel 7 Pro case as it will protect your phone from drops, bumps and scratches.

The Google Pixel 7 Pro is a powerful, sleek and stylish device, but an expensive one too. This means that one slip of the hand and before you know it you’re looking for a new Pixel 7 Pro. A case goes a long way to protect against this.

This Pro model is a premium-end smartphone. This means that its specs are unlikely to be outdated any time soon. What’s more there has still been no concrete news about the release date of the Pixel 7a. This means that if you want a Google phone and don’t want to wait, the Pixel 7 Pro is one of the few options you have. With the right case, you can make sure this phone serves you for as long as possible.

Cases don’t have to be all about durability either. There are ones out there which can store your cards, or that have stands to allow you to watch movies on your phone hands-free. What’s more, many of the picks on our list are sleek and stylish themselves, offering the chance to personalise your smartphone to your own preferences.

We’ve got all these bases and more covered in our article, have a look and see what takes your fancy.

Best Google Pixel 7 Pro

Best overall case for Google Pixel 7 Pro – Spigen Liquid Air Case

Check price: Spigen Liquid Air Case on Amazon

This is a fantastic all round case, that offers protection and style for your Google Pixel 7 Pro. Spigen is easily one of the biggest names in phone protection, and with the likes of this case, it’s not hard to see why.

Safety is a top priority. There is air cushion technology to disperse the shockwaves from vertical drops, whilst the raised bezels on the side and around the camera are well placed in case your phone falls flat.

As well as this, there is a slip-proof matte finish and a spider web engraving on the back, allowing for increased purchase. This reduces the chance of you dropping your phone in the first place.

This all adds up to military-grade drop protection, and that’s without even mentioning the stylish and sleek look of this case. Spigen manages to offer protection, without adding significant bulk to your device.

Best premium case for Google Pixel 7 Pro – TORRO Leather Case

Best premium case for Google Pixel 7 Pro - TORRO Leather Case
Check price: TORRO Leather Case on Amazon

This Torro case is stylish, durable and sleek. It’s no wonder a very similar one appeared on our picks for the best case for Google Pixel 6.

This stylish look, a simple red bull engraved logo and matching red stitching to boot, is made from premium materials and sold for an affordable price.

The material in question is US-tanned leather, minimally treated so as to maintain its natural durability. Functionality wise there are also 2 slots for storage, a small one capable of holding 3 credit or debit cards, and a larger one for bank notes. These are incorporated in such a way that, if they remain empty, a slim profile is maintained.

They haven’t skimped on protection either with a TPU shockproof frame and a microfiber internal lining to further cushion your Pixel 7 Pro.

Best protective case for Google Pixel 7 Pro – OtterBox Defender Series

Check price: OtterBox Defender Series on Amazon

Otterbox is renowned for making some of the toughest cases around, ensuring maximum protection for your Pixel 7 Pro.

The exterior is made from hard shell plastic, complemented by an internal layer of rubber. Raised edges keep both the camera and screen safe, while there are plastic covers on duty at the charging port to deter dust build-up. There’s even an antimicrobial layer with mitigates against the bacteria that can accrue from everyday use.

This all adds up to an impressive protection rating that is four times the military standard. OttherBox package this case with an additional holster clip that is attached to the outside of the case, and can be connected to bags or rucksacks for simple transportation.

The look of the case is stylish considering how protective it is. It manages to avoid looking overly bulky, though you will feel the increased size and weight when holding your phone. The one major drawback to this case is the higher than usual price, though you are getting incredible protection and decent style in return for this.

Best case with card holder for Google Pixel 7 Pro – Spigen Slim Armor CS Case

Check price: Spigen Slim Armor CS Case on Amazon

And just like that another Spigen case finds its way onto our list. This time the spider web texturing is gone, replaced by a convenient and efficient card holder. The Google Pixel 7 Pro is already a very functional phone, already being one of the best gaming phones, as well as having an impressive camera, and high performance. This case only increases that functionality.

We’ve chosen this case because it offers the convenience of a card-holding phone case, whilst barely adding any bulk, meaning you get both functionality and style. You can store 2-3 cards behind the retractable back, enough for many to leave their wallet at home entirely.

Protection is not compromised either. There is the same air cushion technology in the corners and dual layer shock absorbent plastic keeping your phone safe from significant drops and bumps.

Another nice feature is the sound tunnel technology. This is a cutout placed precisely around the speakers on the side of the Google Pixel 7, which amplifies the speakers without comprising durability or protection. As for drawbacks, it should be noted that wireless charging is not possible whilst this case is on.

Best case with stand for Google Pixel 7 Pro – Torras MarsClimber

Check price: Torras MarsClimber on Amazon

This stylish and minimalist case from Torras is packed to the brim with useful and protective features. This gives your Google Pixel 7 Pro a level of protection akin to the strongest Google Pixel 7 Pro Alternatives.

It earns this spot on our list thanks to its sturdy stand, which facilitates both horizontal and vertical hands-free viewing. Not only that but the stand is adjustable, ensuring there is a viewing angle that is convenient for you.

Don’t be fooled by the translucent back either, protection is well handled. Torras have tested this case extensively and found zero damage from drops of up to 8ft. This is thanks to internal X-shock airbags and its cross-brace based honeycomb build. It packs this in while keeping the case slim and lightweight.

Frequently asked questions

Does the Pixel 7 Pro come with a case?

No, the Pixel 7 Pro ships without a case included. This means you will have to buy your own to protect your phone.

Is Pixel 7 Pro waterproof?

The Google Pixel 7 Pro is water resistant not waterproof. However, certain specially made cases can make it waterproof as well.

Is Pixel 7 Pro wireless charging?

Yes – the Pixel 7 Pro has wireless charging.

How big is the battery for Google Pixel 7 Pro?

Google Pixel 7 Pro has a large 5,000mAh battery.

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