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Best monitor for Modern Warfare 2 (2023)

Best monitor for MW2
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Now that Season 2 has launched, it’s looking like an ideal time to find the best monitor for Modern Warfare 2 to get the most out of your game.

There’s a lot going on in the world of MW2, with a new Call of Duty title reportedly set to arrive in 2023. Season 2 has brought a number of new game modes, and a total of 5 new maps, now is a great time to pull the trigger to make the most out of these updates.

Modern Warfare 2, especially its online mode, benefits twitch reactions and precise movement. Because of this, you’ll benefit from a high refresh rate, meaning you’ll want the best 240Hz or even 360Hz gaming monitors, to gain a slight advantage over other players. Similarly, if you’re gaming on PS5, consider our best monitors for the popular gaming console.

If you’re serious about having a competitive edge over your opponents, you might also want to consider a new gaming headset. This will improve your awareness of your surroundings, potentially warning you of opponents approaching out of your field of vision.


So, let’s jump to it – here are the best gaming monitors for Modern Warfare 2.

Best gaming monitor for Modern Warfare 2 (PC, PS5, & Xbox Series X)

Below are three amazing gaming monitors for all platforms:

Best HDMI 2.1 monitor for Modern Warfare 2 – Acer Nitro XV282K

Screen size: 28″ | Panel type: IPS | Aspect ratio: 16:9 | Resolution: 4K | Response time: 1ms | Refresh rate: 144Hz | Refresh rate technology: FreeSync

Price Check: Acer Nitro XV282K on BestBuy.

If you’re playing on Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X, you’re going to want an HDMI 2.1 connection to play in 4K at 120Hz.

4K and max 144Hz are packed into a 27″ screen, and a great input lag time elevates this monitor above others. VRR optimizes this display for Next-Gen consoles, smoothening gameplay effectively.

With FreeSync, expect a smooth, tear-free gaming experience that can be the difference between a victory and a loss.

Overall, we highly recommend the Acer Nitro XV282K as one of the best monitors for Modern Warfare 2.

Best gaming monitor for Modern Warfare 2 on PC – ASUS TUF VG27AQ

Screen size: 27″ | Panel type: IPS | Aspect ratio: 16:9 | Resolution: 4K | Response time: 1ms | Refresh rate: 165Hz | Refresh rate technology: G-Sync

Price Check: ASUS TUF VG27AQ on Amazon.

With a 2560 x 1440 resolution, 1ms response time (MPRT), and 165Hz refresh rate, this monitor is great for gaming on PC.

While the specifications tick all the FPS shooter boxes, the quality that comes from this HDR panel makes it an all-around superb gaming monitor for the price.

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Furthermore, this features Extreme Low Motion Blur, G-Sync compatibility, and VESA mounting, giving PC players a lot of high-end options.

The 27″ screen is ideal for those that love to play competitive shooters, so if you ever fancy jumping on CSGO, Valorant, or Warzone, this will serve you well.

Check the ASUS TUF VG27AQ price here.

Best value gaming monitor for Modern Warfare 2 on PS5/ Xbox Series X – Samsung 28″ Odyssey G70A

Screen size: 28″ | Panel type: IPS | Aspect ratio: 16:9 | Resolution: 4K | Response time: 1ms | Refresh rate: 144Hz | Refresh rate technology: G-Sync

Price Check: Samsung 28″ Odyssey G70A on Samsung.

The 28″ Odyssey G70A offers incredible value for a 4K HDMI 2.1 monitor and is perfect for Modern Warfare 2 on a console or PC.

At 27″, this monitor’s gaming capabilities are up there with the very best. 144Hz refresh rate, with a 1ms G2G, G-Sync, HDR 400, and 4K resolution make this a steal for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X players.

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If you pick up one of these HDMI 2.1 monitors for PC, make sure you have one of the latest GPUs as running any game in 4K at 144HZ can be quite taxing.

Should I get an ultrawide monitor for Modern Warfare 2?

Modern Warfare 2 has FOV slider on console.

So, what does that mean?

A FOV slider allows you to adjust how much can be rendered onto the screen at once. If you have one, you will be able to play Modern Warfare 2 with optimized settings on an ultrawide monitor. The PS5 doesn’t support 1440p which is the resolution of most ultrawide monitors, though it can convert this into 1080p.

With minimal distortion, the PS5 operates nicely on optimised ultrawide monitors, meaning that you can enjoy games such as Modern Warfare 2 on a visually immersive display. If you’re worried about deskspace and ergonomics, consider our selection of the best ultrawide monitor arms.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need a VRR monitor for Modern Warfare 2?

Yes, if you’re playing on next-gen console you should confirm VRR capabilities to optimise framerate and reduce pesky screen tearing. 

Do I need HDMI 2.1 to play Modern Warfare 2?

If you are playing on PC, you might not need this as you can use DisplayPort for 4K and 144Hz. 

However, if you’re playing on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, you should try to get a monitor with HDMI 2.1 so you can play at 120Hz. If this isn’t possible, playing 4K at  60Hz is still an enjoyable experience.

When does the beta release for Modern Warfare 2?

Playstation owners can play the early access beta on the 16th-17th September, and then the open beta launches on the 18th-20th September.

PC and Xbox owners can play the game on the 22nd-23rd September if they have early access, whilst the open beta launches 24th-26th September.

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What are the system requirements for Modern Warfare 2?

As per our previous post on the beta, these are the following minimum specifications for the Modern Warfare 2 beta:

  • OS: Windows 10 – 64 bit (Latest Update)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-3570 or AMD Ryzen 5 1600
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 or AMD Radeon RX 470
  • Video Memory: 3GB
  • RAM: 8GB RAM
  • Storage Space: 25GB
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible

Does G-Sync and Free Sync matter in a monitor?

Both improve the overall gaming performance by matching your monitor’s performance to your GPU. It’s particularly relevant for fps games like Modern Warfare 2 as they help prevent screen tearing.

What size monitor is best for Modern Warfare II?

We recommend choosing a 27″ monitor since it allows you to see all parts of the game without straining your eyes too much.

Can you play 1440p on PS5?

Yes – Sony has introduced 1440p to their consoles.

Is it better to play COD on a monitor?

Generally speaking, monitors have lower input lag, faster response times, and higher refresh rates than TVs, making them better suited for COD.

Does Modern Warfare II support ultrawide?

Yes, Modern Warfare II has Ultrawide support. Just ensure that your fps doesn’t take too much of a hit if you’re upgrading to a larger ultrawide monitor.

Should I get a 4K monitor to play MW2?

4K resolution needn’t be a priority if you’re more competitive, but they can be worth it if you’re planning on doubling up your monitor as a work or entertainment station too.

What is the monitor refresh rate for MW2?

The refresh rate for MW2 is capped at 120Hz.